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Hypnosis Sessions in Singapore

Pete Tan

Hypnosis Sessions in Singapore - Pete Tan

Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (CPHI)
Awarded CPHI of the Year Award in 2011
NGH Certified Instructor
NGH Certified Hypnotist
7th Path Teacher of the Ultimate 5th Degree
7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher
5-Path Practitioner
Master Hypnotist
Enneagram Trainer
Extended DISC Trainer
MBTI Practitioner
Life Coach

Located in Singapore:

The Pathlight Centre
199B, Thomson Road
Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307636

To contact Pete, email to: pete@pathlightcentre.com or call +65 9856 4998

Banyan Hypnosis 5-PATH®

Pete’s background is in Neuro-Linguistic Programming; he has helped hundreds of clients let go of old issues and bring out the best versions of themselves in their career, relationships and life. He made a name and a career for himself using expansive knowledge and skill in NLP, hypnosis (5 Path ® Hypnosis, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis), personal and organizational development in training, coaching and consulting.

Coupled with years of hands on coaching, hypnosis and teaching experience, the breadth of Pete’s skills enables him to bring unique dimensions of NLP learning, to integrate and weave them into hypnosis teachings. His unique way of teachings never fails to amaze his graduates as it opened doors to other possibilities in their careers and bringing their self-awareness into the next level, even though they are here to learn about the application of NLP or Hypnosis.

Sneak preview of the course on how the class practice is like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U_djWxNWdE

Testimonials from his students:

Dr Sergio GC Lobo - Student Testimonial

Dr Sergio GC Lobo, Doctor

Pete is a very good communicator and very competent teacher. His personality and the way how he delivers his lessons, greatly facilitates student from different backgrounds to understand what is being taught while at the same time increases their curiosity and quest for new information. It is a very useful course and the tools I get from it will help me a lot in my professional life, both as physician and hypnotherapist.

Yvonne Yeo - Student Testimonial

Yvonne Yeo, Quantum-Touch Instructor

Pete knows his stuff like the back of his hand. I am already a professional in the healing industry, so very rarely do I get impressed. But I must say Pete delivers with impact & he knows his stuff like the back of his hand. He has a way of delivering everything he needs to in a very casual way and yet I knew I was getting it all and more. I love the style of this trainer and am happy with the content that I received. I will definitely use all these skills learnt in future sessions with my clients.

Wayne Joseph Carpenter - Student Testimonial

Wayne Joseph Carpenter, Supplier Chain Manager

Pete is well rounded in his knowledge and approach to teaching, provided solid foundations for layering the depth of learning and knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. A knowledge intensive course delivered in a relaxed and excellence learning environment.

The ability to practice in the morning and evening sessions is invaluable as this is a real opportunity to bring to learning and sharing from the mind into the muscle, accelerating the depth and detail of knowledge. Pete’s sharing of real client experiences also gives a solid real life dialogue in preparation for our clients and hypnotherapy practice

Noraini Bawazier - Student Testimonial

Noraini Bawazier, Director

Unconventional, shocking but effective. You can see and feel Pete’s compassion through and through. After a few days and can finally catch up on all the reading (only 4 hours of sleep at night) it was easier to follow Pete in class. It was dynamic, extremely fun and amazingly enough that in only 10 days I am confident that I have learned enough to start seeing clients and as time go will be able to increase and sharpen my skills. Yes, I will suggest this course to others.

Jimmy Susanto - Student Testimonial

Jimmy Susanto, NLP Trainer

Pete has shown a great combination of skills in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy as well as real life cases & experiences. I had gone through so many trainings around the world and as a NLP trainer myself, I truly admire and highly recommend Pete Tan as your trainer and therapist. His style of teaching in unconventional and proven effective for individuals and unique participants.

Suparna Kapoor - Student Testimonial

Suparna Kapoor, Personal Fitness Trainer & Hypnotherapist

I Remembered All the Facts Without Even Realizing That I Learnt It! I was totally shocked with Pete’s unique way of teaching! I remembered all the facts without even realizing that I learnt it! I find his style very effective and I enjoyed every second of the course. Pete can explain concepts or things and answer questions in the simplest way. I was actually quite nervous at first, but he knows exactly how to motivate or build up our confidence differently for each of us. He prepared us hard for what we might face when working with actual paying clients. I’m glad I have found the right instructor for myself. This course has given me more confidence and money and I wholeheartedly recommend this course without any thoughts.

Nisha Narendar Jhangiani - Student Testimonial

Nisha Narendar Jhangiani, Hypnotherapist

The instructor has a unique perspective on hypnosis and is highly insightful. His approach to conducting the course is efficient and highly effective. The course successfully equips students with the tools to deal with any given situation in a practical therapy setup. It has been extremely useful in understanding the framework for conducting effective therapy for clients utilizing hypnosis. I would encourage a course in hypnotherapy for anyone looking to broaden their scope in the field of therapy and social services.

Fazdli Jamal - Student Testimonial

Fazdli Jamal, Clinical Instructor & Hypnotherapist

The instructor is phenomenal, excellent and all the optimist comment that I could give. The reason having said that is because he empowered me with his experience and knowledge. After 10 days, I felt more and more confident in me to be competent and good hypnotherapist. Besides, Pete Tan the instructor, his ex-students, my seniors, Julieh and Lynn and others whose always be there for me for extra guidance.

Pete is also former army veteran who served for over 7 years and as a result, gained an invaluable insight into human strength. Since leaving the army he has started several million-dollar businesses. He is a successful independent head-hunter for over 10 years and has gained an appreciation and aptitude for facilitating behavioural change and attitude adjustment at various organizational levels. He has consulted on transition management in HR projects for merger and acquisition focusing on communication challenges, negotiation and team-building.

His passion lies with NLP & Hypnosis trainings, performance coaching and hypnosis. He naturally gravitates towards personality and behavioural profiling and framing. Being exposed to tools such as the MBTI, Hypnosis, DISC and NLP Metaprograms, he found the use of Enneagram and Extended-DISC useful for bringing awareness, creating insights and formulating actions.

Pete has trained and coached with Asia-Pacific Brewery, Singapore Armed Forces, NUSS, Citi Group, RWS, Prudential Singapore, P&G just to name a few. Apart from his training, hypnosis and coaching engagements at The Pathlight Centre, Pete also works with hundreds of people in his capacity as the former Head Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Through all these avenues, he fulfils his mission of helping people discover a higher and more peaceful purpose within themselves.

Some of the past graduates photos:

Pete Tan's - Student Graduates

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