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A Page For The Working Hypnotist and Students of Hypnosis

Answers To The Technical and Procedural Questions That You Ask About Doing Hypnosis

Hypnotherapist Instructor Calvin Banyan

Calvin D. Banyan, MA, Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor answers Hypnotists questions from around the world.

Calvin D. Banyan, MA is an internationally acknowledged expert on hypnosis and is a regular contributor to the National Guild of Hypnotists Journal of Hypnotism.

Mr. Banyan knows what he is talking about. Look at these recent awards:

  • NGH Certified Hypnotist in 1996
  • NGH Certified Instructor in 1999
  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotist in 2001
  • NGH Certified Instructor of the Year 2002
  • NGH Certified Instructor of the Year 2003
  • NGH Educator of the Year 2003
  • NGH title of "Fellow" in 2004
  • NGH Counsel of the Order of Braid 2005
  • NGH Charles Tebbits Award 2005
  • NGH Journal of Hypnotism, June 2005, Cover Photo & Interview
  • Member of the NGH Advisory Board, 2006
  • Member of the NGH Ethics Committee, 2007
  • Member of the NGH Convention & Eductional Conference Faculty from 2000 to Present
  • NGH President's Award, 2008
  • Hypnotism Media Award of the Year 2010
  • Diplomate of the National Guild of Hypnotists 2010

This page is dedicated to all working hypnotists and people who have questions about hypnosis.

Over the years I have responded to many questions from hypnotists around the world. I would usually send them an email containing my reply. As it turned out, I was sometimes answering the same questions for a second or third time. To help rectify this situation and to provide a wider benefit to everyone, I have decided to construct and maintain this page, a place where I can place my response to these questions.

The majority of these questions come from my students and other hypnotists who have visited Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. website and emailed me directly. However, some the questions come from the members of the professional hypnosis lists to which I moderate. Click here to learn more about those hypnosis groups.

Also, almost any hypnotist would benefit from reading these questions and answers, in some cases the questions are specific to an advanced form of hypnosis called 5-PATH® in which cases the reader would be well served by learning about the process. Click here to read articles about hypnosis and 5-PATH®.

I hope you find this page useful,
Calvin Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH

PS: In order to make it easier for you to check back and see if anything new has been added to this page, I will always put the latest questions and answers at the top of the list. So the page will tend to run from the latest question answered, down to the oldest question answered. So remember to bookmark or link to this page so that you can check back frequently.

The Following Are Actual Questions Sent To Us

Answered By Calvin D. Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH, and National Guild of Hypnotists Award Winning Certified Hypnotist and Trainer

34. Question about using age regression and 5-PATH® with smoking cessation clients.

33. Question from one of our Chinese graduates in Singapore about why one should avoid dual relationships in hypnosis.

32. Some questions about a client who could not visualize, and another about deepening hypnosis.

31. Question about Age Regression (AR) and Forgiveness of Others Work (FOO) when dealing with anger.

30. Question about clients who have difficulty regressing and/or expressing emotions.

29. Question about combining age regression with forgiveness work.

28. Questions about how much releasing of emotion should be accomplished during the age regression process on the way back to the ISE?

27. Question about instant inductions.

26. Question about using the Affect Bridge Age Regression Technique.

25. Question about helping a client rid herself of the fear of going too far from home or work using Hypnotic Age Regression Work (HART).

24. Questions about Sleep vs. Hypnosis, and the relative suggestibility of each state.

23. Question from a student of hypnosis about the validity of hypnosis, especially the deeper levels in which a subject or client can experience hallucination by suggestion. The question is paraphrased to eliminate identifying information and doubts he expressed about some of the teachers/trainers he has encountered.

22. Questions about using light producing devices to produce hypnosis and videotapes for providing an introduction to hypnosis.

21. Question about using hypnosis to help with insomnia.

20. Question about conducting a hypnotic age regression using the Affect Bridge Technique.

19. Questions about the Critical Factor (or Critical Function) of the mind.

18. Questions about the "down side" of hypnosis, why it is not used as much as it should be and how to find a hypnotist.

17. A question about the principle and use of "compounding" suggestions in hypnosis.

16. A question about the best use of Direct Suggestion and Age Regression Work in the treatment of trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling).

15. A question about 7th Path® and how it compares to other forms of self-hypnosis.

14. A question about using convincers to demonstrate to your clients that they were hypnotized.

13. A question about further training at Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc.

12. A question about when a hypnotist needs to receive a medical referral to work on an issue with a client.

11. A question about learning hypnosis from videos and audiotapes. The answer also includes comments about using the information and building proficiency.

10. A question about doing Age Regression Work with a client who suspects sexual abuse, and is concerned with creating false memories using hypnosis.

9. A question about using the Informed Child Technique, while doing Age Regression Work with a client with a history of sexual abuse.

8. A question about what the terms Hypnotist and Hypnoanalyst mean (also I talk about the initials CH, CI, CHT, BCH)

7. A question about how to use hypnotic Age Regression Work with a teenager with obsessive-compulsive thinking.

6. A question about making tapes for clients and how much time should be spent deepening the hypnosis.

5. Question about clients who open their eyes during the session.

4. Question about ISE's and how many SSE's you need to visit in doing hypnosis.

3. Question about doing hypnosis with clients who are taking medications that affect mood.

2. Question about getting clients to pay fees.

1. Question about how time consuming his hypnosis process is.


Please consider the answers to all of the questions above as "input" that comes from my training and experience. I am not responsible for you or your client's results. The above is merely information, that is the best I can share with you. You are responsible for your sessions, and what you chose to do in the course of hypnosis with your client. Remember to work within the limits of your training. The greatest dangers to yourself and to your clients when doing hypnosis are:

  1. Attempting to work with issues you have not been trained to work with.
  2. Preventing clients from getting the appropriate psychological or medical treatment.

So, whenever you are working with a medical issue if you are not a licensed medical professional, get a referral from a physician who is treating your client, and always work within the limits of your training and experience. If you need more training or supervision, get it.

If you have questions about doing hypnosis, please contact me using this form and I will respond to it here or in one of my free hypnosis training videos
I'll do my best to answer them for you.
© 2001 Calvin D. Banyan, All Rights Reserved