Questions about a client who could not visualize, and another about deepening hypnosis.

Answered by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI, BCH

Hello Candice,

Let me see if I can help you out by answering some questions for you.

You asked, “I'm seeing a client for weight loss, who can not (or will not) visualize anything I ask her to. So, when I ask her to think about a "perfectly formed leaf from a tree, green like springtime, with a single drop of moisture upon it" she says she gets nothing but a grey screen in her mind's eye. So I tried a red rose and a clock, and she couldn't see those in her mind either. So I tried her daughter's face, and when I said, "see her smile", she abreacted, began crying, and opened her eyes. I asked her what the tears meant, and she said she didn't know if it was because she has so much love for her daughter or because she was just so happy to be able to picture something in her head.”

There is no need for your client to be able to visualize while you are deepening her. That is why the script says, “think about or imagine a perfectly formed leaf from a tree.” This allows your client to do which ever one is easiest for her to do. If your client says that she cannot visualize, let her know that it is normal, and that it is not required. Just thinking about a leaf is a perfect way to follow that instruction.

About 20% of all clients will say that they cannot visualize anything, and a larger percentage can, but not very well. Our process does not require the ability to visualize. Once a client has reached somnambulism, then she is able to revivify (meaning to hallucinate reliving the event), which is much more powerful than visualization anyway. So do not worry about it. The ability to visualize is simply not required.

I think that asking her about the tears that she experienced when she attempted to visualize her daughter’s face was a bit of a waste of time. People usually have no idea, or at least their thoughts on the subject are just not reliable. 5-PATHers know that much more reliable information will be obtained when the client is in hypnosis.

I recommend that you stop using terms like visualization altogether in your practice, and especially with this client and just move on.

Then you asked, “I've used pyramiding to induce and deepen, and used the fractionation technique to get to somnambulism. The client emerged herself when I asked her to lose the numbers, she said it freaked her out because she has memory problems (psychosomatic according to Dr.), and doesn't want to voluntarily forget anything. Once she is in a somnambulistic state, I try to go into the AR and she always emerges herself before the AR takes place. For instance I'll say, "3,2,1, be there, first impression, daytime or nighttime", and she'll say, "here in this room with you". I want so very badly to help her, and I've pre-talked her until I'm blue in the face. She has told me that she has such a big fear of failure, that she just isn't going to succeed with this, and it seems that no matter what I tell her to boost her confidence, she doesn't progress. Is it apparent to you what I am doing incorrectly? Also, do you ever use parts of the Elman-Banyan rapid induction to deepen after using an instant induction? BTW, I'm still using those instant inductions all the time-people love '!”

If a client has trouble losing the numbers, then just use the Eye Fractionation Deepening Covert Test. That should get you around that problem. [Note: The Eye Fractionation Deepening Covert Test goes like this, "In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 3 and when I get to 3 and NOT before, I would like you to open your eyes. Then I will lightly snap my fingers and I would like you to instantly close your eyes and go deeper." You then do this with the client a few times speeding up to a nice 4/4 rhythm, and then pausing between 2 and 3. If the client does not anticipate the number three by starting to open her eyes, then she is in somnambulism, if she does anticipate, then just say the number 3, and repeat until she does not anticipate the number 3.]

With regard to your age regression (AR) problem, suggest to her that “as I count back from 3 to 1, let yourself go back to an earlier time that you felt that way, and let it be as if it were happening all over again.” If you feel that it may be useful, you can even ask them if that is alright with them. Then if she does not regress or says that she does not want to do that, then you need to have a talk with her about how she needs to follow your instructions and that if she continues to resist following your instructions then you are not going to be able to help her.

I think that you may benefit by having her do some regression on her fear of failure. That is what seems to be getting in the way. She may be either refusing to proceed with the regression or she may be trying too hard. You will just have to talk with her and see if you can get a sense of it.

As you said, there is nothing you can say to boost her confidence, so you will just have to follow that fear back and neutralize it. I’m sure that this fear is causing many problems in her life, so it will be a worthy endeavor.

Regarding your question about deepening, as I taught in class, after you do an instant induction, if you have not already covertly tested for somnambulism in a previous session, or if for some reason you are not sure that she is in somnambulism, then you should do some further deepening and testing. One way is to use the losing the numbers part of the Elman-Banyan Induction, or you can use the Eye Fractionation Deepening Covert Test.

I hope that helps.

Here’s to your success,
Cal Banyan