A question about the principle and use of "compounding" suggestions in hypnosis.

Answered by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI, BCH


Hi Cal,

The site is absolutely wonderful by the way. I have purchased the book,"Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic To Advanced Techniques For the Professional," .......extremely informative! I have gained so much insight. Many thanks to both you and Gerry.

Cal, I'm a practicing Hypnotist here in New York State, certified by the National Guild. I have studied some of the training videos from Omni training facility. They have been a wealth of help to me in my practice, along with your book, ...as well as the information on your site.

I’m a little confused about one thing though, and I thought that you might be able to guide me in the right direction regarding my question.

Cal, you and Gerry both speak much about "compounding of suggestion." Gerry speaks so strongly about it to the point of saying that if done correctly, there is almost no need for regression in many cases. It is also mentioned in the book. Yet it seems to pertain to the idea of "induction," (the pulling of the tie to deepen the state)......rather than to suggestion. I realize that the client needs to respond to the suggestion many times for it to be considered "compounded in." Cal, I just don’t understand the concept.

How exactly do I compound a "suggestion in?" I do realize by the way that it does not mean repeating a suggestion over and over again.

Cal, any time and consideration you might be able to extend to this question would be so much appreciated.

Again, congratulations on a wonderful book.

Wishing you continued success;
Stephen Serafini CHt


Hello Steven

Thanks for your kind comments about the web site and our book.

When you are compounding a suggestion, think of it as conditioning. Each time a suggestion is given and accepted and/or the subject responds to it, it becomes stronger. It becomes a conditioned response and becomes more automatic and reliable each time the subject responds successfully to the suggestion.

When I do demonstrations I like to take one example right out of Jerry's videos. I will suggest that after I emerge the subject, I will tug on my tie and then she will instantly close her eyes and go back into hypnosis. Then, while my subject is still in hypnosis I will take her through that process about three times, or until it is an instant and automatic response. Then and only then, will I emerge her and demonstrate the reinduction. It works so well that you can instantly induce hypnosis right in the middle of a sentence while she is answering questions from myself or the audience. It makes for a great demo!

Just think of it as conditioning. Another example that does not involve hypnotic induction is the case where I give my client the suggestion that any time she says the sentence to herself, “I am calm, relaxed and in control,” that she will instantly get the feeling of being relaxed and in control. Then in hypnosis I will have her experience inducing the state with that post-hypnotic suggestion many times, until it is conditioned in or “compounded.”

I hope that helps!
Cal Banyan, MA, CI, BCH