A question about further training at Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc.

Answered by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI, BCH


Are you ever going to have any further training aside from the NGH and 7th path self -hypnosis? I'm just thinking further down the road after I complete your NGH course. Are you going to have an advanced training course? Matt (Member of the 5-PATH® and 7th Path™ Hypnotist email group)


I plan on doing better than that! Did you know that after you take our NGH Certification course, you can retake it at any time, as long as we have room (I assume we will always be able to squeeze one more in). This means that after you have taken the course and you have begun to use the training and techniques, when you come back, it will be an even better course for you. This is because you will absorb much more! Also, I can answer questions that pertain to your experience and your individual practice! This, I believe, will add to everyone's experience in the class.

Here is another option for graduates, you can host a training where you live and practice and then I'll come to you! See our web site for details.

Also, I am planning on doing Advanced Trainings, but these will be for people who have been trained by others and want to learn about 5-PATH® and 7th Path™. Of course our graduates can attend these classes too, but would have to pay like anyone else. The advantage to the Advanced Trainings is that you won't have to sit through learning the NGH Level I course. And, you will be able to move through material with others who are experienced like yourself.

I am also planning on running some 1-day workshops on how to use 5-PATH for specific issues like weight loss, smoking, fears, confidence, etc. I will probably ask this group about which workshops they want most. I plan on videotaping these workshops so that others can continue to benefit from it after they have taken the workshop, or for those who could not attend. Another 1-day workshop is going to be on how to do 7th Path, 1 and 2 day classes for groups, or individual sessions! We are having tremendous success doing this here at Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc.

But wait! There is more. I am also in the process of interviewing other instructors from associated areas of expertise, who can teach and help our graduates! Today I am interviewing a NLP trainer who is interested in teaching at our Center. By the way, we are in the process of taking over half of the space next door so that we can expand and have more room for holding our classes. It just keeps on getting better!

We are also in the process of ensuring that we can help our graduates with continuing education. We are talking to the NGH (and soon to other programs and organizations) so that we can provide the kind of annual training that is required to remain certified or licensed (depending upon the organization).

And right now you also have this group (support for our graduates on line). This online group is growing and there is a vast amount of experience right here for all of us to tap into. We are also preparing to release at least two books this year, one on hypnosis, and one on 7th Path. Lastly, check back to our web site. It is constantly being updated with new free articles and information for our graduates and the hypnosis community at large!

Cal Banyan