A question about 7th Path® and how it compares to other forms of self-hypnosis.

Answered by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI, BCH


Cal: How does 7-step self hypnosis compare to the self hypnosis and advanced self hypnosis that Gerald Kien teaches. Is this something that you have developed? If you did do you have a video of it?
Bruce N Gogolin


Hello Bruce,

Good question. The self-hypnosis that Gerald Kein teaches is excellent! And, it is a highly efficient way of making specific changes in your life.

The 7th Path System of Self-Hypnosis® is not a "7-step" system. But, rather it is a different kind of self-hypnosis in approach. The 7th Path® is a holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach to doing self-hypnosis. Because of this different approach it goes to the source of the problem, such as erroneous programming and barriers to success (i.e. beliefs in inadequacy) that are emotional (i.e. fear, anger and guilt).

This is an extremely powerful form of self-hypnosis. It is the only form of self-hypnosis that is potentially abreactive. By this I mean that during the practice of 7th Path® individuals can expect to experience and release old emotions and become aware of misconceptions established during childhood (which collapses them).

The 7th Path® consists of a number of suggestions that are designed to "empty the cup," meaning remove the old programming. We think that first emptying the cup of the old programming allows room for the new programming. The old programming is like those nasty viruses that our computers pick up. You need to rid your computer of them or it won't work right. With the 7th Path we show you how to "debug your brain and program yourself for success!"

After spending a while emptying the cup, then you begin to use hypnotic suggestion. These suggestions are phrased in a way that keeps to the Mind-Body-Spirit approach. Quite often however, we find that by first removing the old inhibiting or self-destructive programming, the good programming that you were born with, kicks in and often additional suggestion, for a particular change may not be needed.

We have also found that our clients benefit from either using 7th Path along with hypnosis or as a practice aside from it. That is why we offer classes in 7th Path® separately from our hypnosis services, as well as including it along with hypnosis.

When we conduct our NGH Hypnosis Certification course and Advanced Hypnosis Training (which is for hypnotists who are already trained in the basics of hypnosis) we include 7th Path®.

There is no video on how to either practice 7th Path or on how to teach it at this time (8/30/2001) call for the latest information. But we do have it available on both CD and cassette (click here for info). It is a recording of one of the 1-day workshop that I gave at our Center. I've been told that just following along with the recording of the class is as good as going to the class, maybe even better because you can rewind the parts that you want to hear again!

I hope that helps. For more information go to our web site and click on the link for 7th Path.

Thanks for the question,
Calvin Banyan, MA, CI, CH