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7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System 1-Day Class On Audio

Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI, CH

This Is The Ultimate Hypnosis Training System For Self-Improvement

Contents of Audios 1 through 6

Audio 1

Side A

  • Introduction To the Class

  • Introduction To the Instructor

  • Brief Discussion of the Hypnosis Certification Course

  • About The Hypnosis Center, Inc. Web Site: www.HypnosisCenter.com

  • Sponsoring A Hypnosis Course

  • Brief Discussion On Past Life Regression And Hypnosis

Side B

  • Introduction To the 7th Path™ Booklet

  • Why It Is Difficult To Learn Self-Hypnosis From A Book

  • Why The Best Way To Learn How To Do Self-Hypnosis Is While You Are In Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis In Our Media And Popular Culture, Such As Movies

  • How You Will Learn Hypnosis In This Class, Using An Easy, Logical, Progression

  • Discussing – Model of the Mind Handout

  • Explaining the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, And “The Mind of Many Names”

  • The Mind of Many Names May Be Called Soul, Higher-Self, etc.

  • The Interaction Between the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind Produces Emotion

  • Example of Anger Coming From The Perception of Unfairness

  • Use of Hypnosis With Patients In Coma

Audio 2

Side A

  • Critical Factor (Critical Faculty or Function) As A Comparing Function

  • Conscious Mind As A Point Of Focus (Past, Present And Future)

  • Hypnosis As A Romancing Of The Conscious Mind

  • The Hypnotic Contract

  • Hypnosis Compared To Asking Someone To Dance

  • Brief Discussion Of Age Regression Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis Demystified, Hypnotic Hallucination Is Normal

  • Hypnotic Anesthesia, Amnesia and Hallucinations In Normal Consciousness

  • United States Government Definition of Hypnosis

  • Definition Of Beliefs And Where Beliefs Come From

Side B

  • Brief Discussion Of Hypnosis Using Age Regression, An Insight Hypnosis

  • 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Does Not Require Insight Or Reliving Of Events

  • 7th Path™ Is Wonderful For All Those People Who Will Not Seek Hypnosis

  • Where 7th Path™ Came From: Psychology, Philosophy, Theology And Metaphysics

  • 7th Path’s Connection To Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis (5-PATH®)

  • Brief Discussion Of The Development of 5-PATH®, A Systematic Approach

  • 7th Path™ Is Different From Regular Self-Hypnosis; It Incorporates Insights Of 5-PATH®

  • Story Of The Student and Master

  • Steps (Delta) 1 Through 4 Of 7th Path™, Empty The Cup (Limiting Beliefs And Habits)

  • Step (Delta) 5, Is When You Put In New Useful Beliefs and Habits

Audio 3

Side A

  • Why We Will Be Using The Symbol, “Δ” (Delta)

  • Using Δ, Allows Us To Have A Mind-Body-Spirit Balance In Our Hypnosis

  • The 7th Path™ System Is For Normal Everyday People With Normal Every Day Problems

  • Why Bring Spirituality Into It At All? (It May Be Faster And Longer Lasting)

  • Doing The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System As An Individual And In Groups

  • You May Start Getting Results Before You Start Suggesting Results

  • Taking Control Over Addictive Substances By Overcoming The Cause

  • There Are Side Effects From Doing 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, And They Are All Good!

  • Learning Self-Hypnosis In The Hypnotic State Is The Way To Go

  • Learning The Self-Hypnosis Suggestions In The Hypnotic State Is Best

  • Delta 1 (Δ 1, The First Suggestion, Four Words) Is Extremely Elegant and Efficient

  • Δ 1 As Hypnotic Induction, Deepening Technique, Suggestions And More

Side B

  • Your Seething Cauldron Of Emotions, Fueled By The Past, Present, And Future

  • Emotional Resonance, And Why You Sometimes Over React Emotionally To Situations

  • How This Approach Will Make You More Calm, Relaxed And In Control

  • How The First 4 Steps (Δ 1-4) Neutralize Erroneous Subconscious Programming

  • How To Use These Techniques (Integrating Thoughts, Feelings, Memories, etc.)

  • How The Suggestions Combine And Influence You After You Self-Hypnosis Sessions

  • How Often And How Much Practice Is Required To Get Results

  • Why Frequency Of Practice Is More Important Than Duration Of Practice

  • When To Do Self-Hypnosis To Get Maximum Results

  • What Autosuggestion Is And How To Use Δ 1-5 As Autosuggestion

  • How To Use Self-Hypnosis When You Go To Sleep At Night

  • Using Δ Thoughts (Autosuggestion) As A Thought Stopping Technique

Audio 4

Side A

  • Daily Use Of Autosuggestion To Improve Attitude, Mood In Daily Life

  • Going Into Maintenance Mode By Reducing The Frequency Of Self-Hypnosis Sessions

  • Why You Need To Always Complete The Time Committed To Each Session

  • All Thoughts, Feelings, Memories Experienced Are What You Need To Experience

  • How You Can Open Your Eyes In Hypnosis And Not Emerge From Hypnosis

  • How To Do Longer Self-Hypnosis Sessions And How That Can Help You

  • Why You Should Never Use A Timer When Doing Hypnosis And What You Can Use

  • The Urge To Emerge From Self-Hypnosis

  • 7th Path™ Is Easier For The Western Mind Than Meditation

  • You May Experience Strong Emotions, And Becoming Free Of Them

  • When To Seek A Hypnotist Or Other Mental Health Professional

  • How Do You Know If You Are Doing It Right

  • How To Emerge From Hypnosis

  • The Worse Thing That Can Happen Is That You Might Go To Sleep

  • What If You Get Hypnosis Hangover?

  • Use Recognitions Exactly As Given

  • You Can Expect Getting Some Results Right Away

  • How Many Recognitions Do I Need?

  • Advanced Forms Versus Basic Forms Of Recognitions

  • What If Someone I Know Is Using A Slightly Different Form Of A Recognitions?

Side B

  • What Kind Of Success Our Students Are Experiencing

  • How This System Will Help You Succeed At Doing Other Things

  • The First Hypnosis Session

  • Receiving The First Recognition And Suggestion For Self-Re-Induction Of Hypnosis

  • First Self-Induction Of Hypnosis

Audio 5

Side A

  • Discussion Of Time Distortion Experienced In Hypnosis

  • Subjective Experiences Of Hypnosis

  • Students Share Their Experiences: Emotional, Physical, Thoughts And Memories

  • Second Self-Induction Of Self-Hypnosis

  • Receiving The Second Recognition

  • Self-Emerging From The Sessions

  • Talking About The Emotional Experience Of The Second Recognition

  • How To Teach This Process To Others

  • Class Talks About The Experience Of Receiving The Second Recognition

Side B

  • Why All Feelings Are Good, And How To Understand Your Feelings

  • Understanding Anger, As An Example Of All Feelings Being Good

  • Discussion Of The Need To Release Old Festering Emotions

  • The Role Of Relaxation In The Process

  • Why One Recognition Will Affect You More Than Others

  • Introduction To Forgiveness And Not Having To Forget

  • Talking About Advanced Recognitions

  • How To Use More Than One Recognition When Doing The Self-Hypnosis

  • Using The Focus Point When Doing The Second Recognition

  • Receiving The Third Recognition While In Self-Hypnosis

Audio 6

Side A

  • Talking About The Third Recognition

  • How To Use These Recognitions As A Thought Stopping Technique

  • How Many Delta Thoughts Or Concepts Can You Use In This Process?

  • Receiving The Fourth and Fifth Recognitions While In Self-Hypnosis

  • Discussing The Fourth Recognitions And Its Usefulness In Forgiveness

Side B

  • Discussing The Fifth Recognition, And It Was Like To Receive It

  • The Fifth Recognition And The Power To Choose (Freewill And Action)

  • Using The Fifth Recognition To Give Yourself Suggestions For What You Want

  • The 6 Rules For Writing Really Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions

  • The Role Of Fantasy In Using The Fifth Recognition

  • Summary And Discussion On How To Use All of This In Your Life