Questions about instant inductions

Answered by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI, BCH


Dear Cal,

I have purchased your instant and rapid inductions course on DVD a while ago and have been giving them a try. What an amazing course compared to some of the other videos I've seen.

I have a question for you regarding these inductions. I have heard that when you do instant inductions with standing people they often "melt." on you because of the instant and total relaxation they experience. I have done the 8 word induction and the rocket ship one and haven't really experienced that. In fact after dropping their hand, etc. I usually rotate the head as you do and they often help me do that until I ask them to relax all the muscles, etc. Is this a sign that I'm doing something wrong?

They seem to go into hypnosis and respond to tests like eye and arm catalepsy, amnesia etc. This leads me to the next question. Has it ever felt to you or have you ever had someone faking it just to please you? Maybe I'm just being over paranoid and I'm doing these right.

Maybe feeling this way is normal especially when starting out with these kind of inductions. Just wanted to hear your view on this.

Once again, thank you for the wonderful course. Hope to do some training with you in South Africa.

Take care and keep well.

Paul Plüss


Hi Paul,

The idea that when an instant or rapid induction is done the individual will melt is not true. You can see this in the work of Elman, Kein, Boyne and others. It is possible that it could happen, and it has to me when working with a client standing up. But it does not necessarily have to happen. It has more to do with what the client/subject expects to happen. If they expect to melt then they will melt. So just to keep things safe I will always tell my clients/subjects when working with them in the standing position that no matter how deeply relaxed they go, they will always be able to stand.

People can only fake you out if they know they are being tested. That is why you should use covert testing. One example is the losing the numbers part of the Elman-Banyan Induction. The other one is the Eye Fractionation Deepening Covert Test. I think that is in my book, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional (with Gerald Kein), if you can't find it in the video.

You can also test by examining the whites of their eyes. If they have been in hypnosis for ten minutes or more and you say to them "go deeply relaxed" or equivalent then the muscles around their blood vessels will dilate. This can also be seen in on the surface of the skin in many clients. They are not able to fake this, but then it only shows that they are in hypnosis, and as far as I know, that kind of vascular response has not been scientifically correlated to any specific level of hypnosis.

I hope that helps!
Cal Banyan