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Health and Happiness with Hypnosis - E-book

Health and Happiness with Hypnosis - E-book


Now available in eBook formats:

"This is a book for patients, lay persons and practitioners interested in health and happiness.

The text opens with The Hypnosis Quiz which immediately engages the reader's attention. The tone is set for a captivating book of only five chapters.

Dr. Knight takes a direct, but gentle and straightforward approach to an age-old, but intriguing question, "What is Hypnosis?"

The ensuing chapter absorbs us with informative, pragmatic discussion. Written with a personal flair, Dr. Knight dispels myths and misconceptions. Views expressed peak interest, especially for new patients, or new practitioners, approaching hypnosis.

The next two chapters, "Hypnosis and Therapy," and "Health and Happiness with Hypnosis," simply but comprehensively, and interestingly present many of the possible uses of hypnosis.

Brief anecdotal notes personalize the text, and further intrigue the reader to discover the benefits of hypnosis, and the ease of access to such a worthwhile tool.

The reader learns the value of hypnosis by itself, or adjunctive, to aid and augment other forms of hypnosis. Hypnosis does not compete - it complements.

The chapters flow easily from one to the other. The book fosters the reader's interest, desire, and ability for taking charge.

Throughout the text, the clinical cases chosen are so unmistakably human everyday occurrences and concerns in peoples' lives. These case histories, descriptions of patients' problems, and interview vignettes spark interest, and crystallize learning.

To read "Historical Notes" in the last chapter provides an interesting variation, and a succinct ending.

Readers will come away with a clearer understanding and respect for hypnosis, its uses, and its benefits. As well, Dr. Knight assists the reader to experience a more complete and realistic idea of available options for dealing with important health issues.

People who are concerned about their health, and who want to know themselves better will find much of great benefit in this book. Some may have difficulty implementing some of the important elements of hypnosis. However, professional help is positively encouraged; the hypnotist-patient relationship is highly valued; and the empowering or re-empowering of the individual is pre-eminent.

This book will be welcomed by practitioners as a useful educational aid for patients, helping to dispel myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

Health and Happiness with Hypnosis is readily understandable, enlightening, encouraging, timely and appropriate. In a sentence, Dr. Knight has achieved his goal!"

Recently the American Association of Professional Hypnotists reviewed the book for their members: "This book presents the realities and possibilities of hypnosis in a way that any reader will be almost certain to remark,"That's me!" at some point.

Rather than burdening the reader with detailed explanations of techniques, Dr Knight describes numerous real life problem situations, then tells how the causes were uncovered and what the reasoning was for the strategy chosen to resolve or diffuse the problems.

Specific applications include: Smoking, weight, nailbiting, phobias, panic attacks, rage, low self-esteem, and others.

Not many people are successful in using self-hypnosis after reading how to do it in a book. This author's treatment of positive self-hypnosis is excellent; it will give the lay reader more confidence in trying it for the first time.

The hypnosis professional will benefit from reading the book, but its greatest value may well be in educating the untrained individual. The publisher will give attractive discounts for quantity purchases. It would be a good book to give to patients and clients to bring them to a better understanding of what can be done with the aid of hypnosis."