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Hypnotic Recollections Book

Hypnotic Recollections


By Dr. Dwight F. Damon

The history of the development of hypnotism as a separate and distinct profession in the 20th century.

Welcome, dear reader, to a lifetime of memories about hypnotism. As you read this book, you will experience our growth as a separate and distinct profession through the past 60+ years. You will also have an opportunity to meet the heroes, villains, and characters who played a part in our contemporary history.

But, most of all, I hope you will gain a greater appreciation of how we reached our present status as a profession, and how much more we have to accomplish in the future.

Sometimes it seems as if we've achieved in spite of, but I prefer to think we've achieved because of. I'm sure you're wondering because of what? Well, just read the book and you'll soon know the answers.

In this age of electronic editing we have become used to "enhanced" photos and printed materials, but what you will find in the following chapters is not enhanced at all - the photos and print articles have come from my personal archives of almost sixty-five years...

The "recollections" mentioned in the book title have come from the deep recesses of my memory with occasional assistance from several friends and colleagues who also still have good recall.

I invite you to join me on a nostalgic regression to 1947 in new England when I bought my first book about hypnotism, Konradi Leitner's Master Key to Hypnotism, and the attended my first class at the Boston Hypnotism Center with Dr Rexford L. North in 1949. That is when my fascination, or "love affair," with hypnosis began I remember. I remember it as if it were yesterday, and I would like to have you accompany me on a journey through those years as I recall experiencing them. If you enjoy reading about it just half as much as I enjoyed it, I know you will have had a good time... because I certainly did!

Dwight F. Damon


What the Hypnosis Pros Are Saying About This Book

I've always taught my classes the "ancient" history of hypnotism because it's importance to know, but now we have a great "real-time" history that better relates to our generation of hypnotists. Hypnotic Recollections is the result of over 2 years of research and 65 years of personal memories - it will be an invaluable reference for years to come.
Don Mottin, MCI, DNGH, OB

I am truly amazed at the extensive and detailed information in Hypnotic Recollections. Finally we have a contemporary history that we can relate to. This book has also brought back memories for me - answering questions about people, places and things from the past 60-plus years. I bought an extra book, so I'll never be without a copy.
Jacob Bimblich, BA, CH, CI, OB

It has truly been a privileged and humbling experience to call many of the distinguished leaders in the profession my friends and colleagues. Hypnotic Recollections is a masterful piece of work by Dr. Dwight Damon, who I am proud to call my friend. he has truly brought to life the now and current history of modern hypnotism... I couldn't put this book down.
Inspector Marx Howell, Ret. Texas State Police

How many researchers does it take to detail the history of the development of hypnotism as a separate and distinct profession? Amazingly it only took one man, Dr. Dwight Damon.He has the intimate knowledge of having lived it, and most of all, remembering it in such great detail. Written in an easygoing first-person style, the book couldn't truly be titled, "Entrancing" Hypnotic Recollections.
Patricia MacIsaac, LPN, CMI, FNGH, OB


  1. Why Hypnotic Recollections?

  2. The Art, Science and Philosophy of the Practice of Hypnotism

  3. Early Years of Education In Similar Professions

  4. Why Hypnotic Recollections?

  5. The Art, Science and Philosophy of the Practice of Hypnotism

  6. Early Years of Education In Similar Professions

  7. The Beginning of a New Era for Hypnotism

  8. Stage Performers Become Teachers

  9. The General State of Hypnotism in the 1940s - '50s

  10. Who, What, Where & When on the East Coast

  11. Outstanding Personalities of the '40s -'50s

  12. The West Coast Story

  13. Hypnotism in College Settings

  14. Hands-on Training vs. Books & Distance Learning

  15. Associations, Organizations, Schools and Personalities

  16. Rebirth of NGH

  17. The "Big Idea" - a Separate and Distinct Profession

  18. Legislative Action Through the Years

  19. COPHO - Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations

  20. The Cycles of Negative and Positive Press

  21. Movies, Movie Stars, TV & Sports Personalities

  22. Forensic Hypnosis

  23. Past Lives & Hypnosis

  24. Hypnosis in the Movies

  25. Stage Hypnotism

  26. Hypnotists' Unions

  27. Women as Professional Hypnotists

  28. Sports and Hypnosis

  29. It's a Litigious World

  30. The AMA Made a Statement

  31. Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

  32. Licensed vs. Unlicensed

  33. Psychologists' Master Plan Against "Lay" Hypnotists

  34. A True Defender of Our Profession

  35. What does the Future Hold?