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Banyan Hypnosis Center Graduates 2013

Some photos on this page do not contain all of the students from each class.
All photos taken at our office or school unless noted otherwise
All feedback from students is used with their written permission.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teachers Course
– Ultimate Recognitions

Graduates of our 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teachers Course 2013

November 2013

Held in Tustin

Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA

National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and
Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

Excellent Course! Very beneficial for self-development. Well worth the investment! Randie Jacobs, CH, Oshawa, Canada

It’s somewhat difficult to express exactly what 7th Path truly means to me. Having been on a spiritual journey all my life and having run the gamut from fundamentalist Christian church to using an ayahuasca sacrament (which I quickly learned was not my path), I feel at this point that my search is over - that 7th Path is my spiritual path. Dorothy E. Northrip, CI, HBCE, Florrisant, MO

If you are a seeker of truth, then the Ultimates are for you! It is absolutely one of the best things I have done for myself and I encourage you to make the commitment to yourself and take the Ultimates workshop. Jennifer Burgueno, CH, Lincoln, California

This has been an enlightening and spiritual journey through the advanced levels of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis. Cal is a gentle guide through the process, both as he instructs and as he facilitates group sharing of the process. I highly recommend the Ultimates training for ALL 7th Path teachers so that they can advance their skills and relationship with their Delta. Brenda Titus, MA, CH, Tustin, California

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

October 2013
Held in Tustin

Graduates of our NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Program
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Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

Unable to describe my experience in sufficient words. It was more life changing than I ever expected it to be. I have earned a great load of confidence in the idea of there being a logical process and I appreciate every moment of this experience. He is an incredible teacher and worth every cent. I will recommend this course to everyone. Miranda MacNeil, Regina, BC, Canada

I highly recommend the Banyan Hypnosis Center. I loved training under Cal Banyan, he is very serious about his teaching. He has inspired me to become a 7th Path teacher myself. 7th Path has transformed my life.
Learning 5-PATH is amazing. 7th Path is a form of self hypnosis which I plan on doing for the rest of my life. With Cal’s training, I’m ready to pen my practice on Monday if I wanted to. The class has taught me how to become a Hypnotherapist in 2 wks.
The training is intense and I loved it! Elsa Carranza-McKiernan, MFT-Temple City, CA

20 years in the military means I have attended a lot of classes. This course surpasses them all. David D. Hardy, USN, Ret. - Fairbanks, Alaska

I am so excited. This is the best experience you could ever have if you want to be the best of the best in the profession of hypnotherapists. If you really want a system that really works, I highly recommend Cal Banyan’s NGH Approved Banyan Hypnotherapy Certification Course. Grzegorz Jechna, MA – Warsaw, Poland

I got more out of the NGH Hypnotherapy Certification course than I ever imagined! It was truly life changing. Torie Houseknecht, Warriors Mark, PA

If you want to hypnotize and help people;.
If you want to learn how to do it right;
If you want a system that really works;
Cal Banyan’s 5-PATH certification course is the best!

Trust me on this one…. Thomas Nielsen, MBA, BS – Gilbert AZ.

Cal Banyan, need I say more? Amazing and challenging course which creates a confident and competent hypnotist. Ross J. Young, P.E. – San Marcos, CA

It was an awesome experience. I thought I was just going to learn how to hypnotize others, instead it turned into a journey of self-discovery and renewal. I highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to become a professional or just have fun with the power of our minds. Houda Alkalla, Dubai, UAE

Banyan Hypnosis Super Course delivers far more than promised. I couldn’t recommend it more highly! Paul Saver, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Definitely worth the time and effort. Theresa Zamborsky, RDMS, BA, Pasadena, CA

It was the single most transformational experience I have ever had. It was so much more than I ever expected. I give this 5 & 7th Path Hypnosis Certification my highest recommendation. Anthony Granata, Orwigsburg, PA

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

July 2013
Held in Tustin

Graduates of our NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Program
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Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

Cal’s class was a transformational experience for my mind, body, and spirit. Not only did I learn modern hypnosis techniques from a pioneer in the field, I learned and recognized profound insights about myself. If you want to learn hypnotherapy, while growing personally and professionally, this is the class for you. Thank you, Cal! Robert Lee, Tyson Corner, VA

This program has been a great experience for me. I used to be really shy and isolated myself from everyone. After 2 weeks practicing the 7th path, I now see a big change in me. It boosted up my self-esteem and also it pulled me closer to everyone in the class. Thank you Cal for everything, I am deeply grateful! Jenny Truong, Las Vegas, NV

A truly transformational program! Kimberly Roycroft, ND. Bellevue, WA.

Wow, Cal Banyan is brilliant. He knows how the mind works and he’s so down to earth. From the subtleties of hypnotherapy to the incredible results I achieved from 7th Path, my life has changed. His approach is refreshing and insightful. The logical approach he takes makes learning and practicing hypnosis easy…if being more connected with yourself and others is important to you, I highly recommend Banyan Hypnosis Center. Arleen Patterson, Belmont, CA.

If you have any question at all about what training to take, this IS the one! Do not begin elsewhere, and if you do, make sure you follow that with attendance here. These 5-PATH and 7th Path systems are exceptional and are presented in an incredibly powerful manner. This is what the professional hypnotist and hypnotherapist needs. Ron Dowell, MA. Sugar Hill, GA

Sometimes, in order to find the true path for yourself, you need to give destiny your hand and let her lead you where you’re supposed to go. I’ve done this and am truly grateful. Thank you to all who played a part in this. John G. Lawrentz, Vancouver, WA

Do not hesitate to take this course! Not only is this course comprehensive but Cal Banyan is truly a gifted teacher. Jennifer Burgueno, Lincoln, CA

I was really looking forward to this class, and it vastly exceeded my expectations. While we certainly learned the powerful, state-of-the art hypnotherapy techniques, we also experienced powerful, personal transformations from the 7th Path Self Hypnosis. It was truly awesome seeing how each and every student gained powerful, personal insights unique to their particular path and spirituality. Tom Plaisance, BA, Capistrano Beach, CA

I have studied Islam, was a Buddhist for 7 years and a Christian Pastoral school graduate. I have always searched for a way to include myself and everyone from every religion into becoming One with one another and the 7th Path is the answer. I also practiced Chiropractic and Clinical nutrition and witnessed many miracles in healing and transformation of physical bodies of my patients, but always wished I could help transform and improve my mind and theirs in a profound way. The answer to my search was 5-PATH hypnosis. I would recommend the 7th Path and 5-PATH to everyone with all my heart. Mani Mostashari, PhD. Huntington Beach, CA

I have attended other courses and received certifications from other hypnotherapists in the past. This is by far, the best and most comprehensive program available. The knowledge that can be gained by completing this course is priceless. Thank you Cal & Maureen. Christopher Kostolefsky, San Dimas, CA.

The content of this class goes way beyond most people’s highest expectations. It is a very enriching experience, professionally and emotionally. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about hypnotherapy. Romain Degroote, Paris, France

An insightful, thought-provoking course! 7th Path is an effective, efficient path to self restoration and self discovery! Ray Powers, Newport Beach, CA

This class has given me more knowledge to help others and most importantly helped me to have security and confidence that I can do anything I want. I definitely recommend that everyone take this class to grow and understand oneself more than you can imagine! Nora Maldonado, Ladera Ranch, CA

I am a 7th Path for life. Not only did it change my perspective and attitude, but also changed me physically. My blood pressure went down, and stayed down. That knot in my stomach disappeared. The only losers were big pharma corporations. You don’t have to believe it works, it just does. Thanks to all. Bill Geier, Los Osos, CA

Thanks for the outstanding training and mind-blowing insights. This training was a truly rewarding experience professionally, personally and spiritually. There were so many unexpected surprises, twists, and turns that cannot be easily explained only experienced. Great job to Cal, Maureen and the entire Banyan Hypnosis Center staff! Michael Anderson, BS, MBA

What I like about the course was it had a lot of tools and that we could learn for this profession and build my skills. I’m ready to go save lives. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor than Calvin Banyan, he is consistent in what he teaches, I learned a lot in this class. One is never to give up in what you want in life and keep moving forward. Thanks to Calvin Banyan for giving us the best tools in this profession. One more thing, thank you Maureen Banyan for helping me and never giving up on me and, also believing in me. Thank you again. Lissette Rivera, Woodside, NY

The Week of Power - Advanced Hypnosis Certification with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

May 2013
Held in Tustin

Graduates of our Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification Program
Click to enlarge photo

Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

This is a life-changing class for a hypnotist who appreciates processes that provide extremely successful results for your clients! The class provides more than I could have ever expected and did meet all of what I wanted to accomplish. It’s not for all hypnotists, but, it is invaluable to those who want something very different and powerful! Dorothy Northrip
Florissant, MO

Cal Banyan delivers a comprehensive program that delivers more than expected. There are many components to this training and I have never experienced a trainer who gives so much to prepare you for success! Bobbie Davis
Banning, CA

Thank you, Cal, for a fantastic training, it far exceeded my expectations. And this is an understatement. I would wholeheartedly recommend the training to anyone serious in learning hypnosis. Des Howden

The Week of Power has been a skill and confidence booster to my existing knowledge of hypnotherapy. I will highly recommend it to other hypnosis practitioners. David John
Edina, MN

Given the opportunity to retake this class after some time has given me the ability to keep up with new and advanced techniques, which will ultimately benefit my clients. Dirk Bernard
Lake Forest, CA

NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

January 2013
Held in Tustin

Graduates of our NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Program
Click to enlarge photo

Instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Certified Instructor (CI) and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. Instructor

Among the best adventures I have experienced. Thank you Cal for the 7th Path™ experience. 7th Path™ provided me with another insight that God is present and active in our daily life. Sandra Ham (online student)
Crowley, TX

The Banyan Hypnosis Certification Course is more than I expected! Cal teaches everything and more that is needed to get a great start in hypnotherapy. Jeanne Marie (online student)
Courtenay, BC

I was trained as a 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist nearly 4 years ago in Denmark. I now wanted to be a CPHI and teach this exciting stuff to others. I must say, that even if I was quite successful before, this course lifted all my knowledge to a higher level. I feel ready to teach it to others, but also my 5-PATH® sessions will be much more powerful and successful than ever before. So thanks for this very hard, but insightful learning of 2 full weeks. Tonny Læbel
Aabenraa, Denmark

I came with an interest in hypnotherapy and left with a passion for it! Thank you [Hypnosis Center] Banyan. The course far surpassed any expectation I may have had. I am confident that the education and skills I received will be an amazing addition to my practice as a personal & professional life coach. I am excited to be able to offer 5-PATH® & 7th Path™ as a separate service. [Hypnosis Center] Banyan is not only an education, it is truly an experience. The trainers, educators and staff were beyond wonderful. Terry Phillips-Weddle
Somerset, KY

I saw Cal's hypnosis videos online and saw his enthusiasm and knowledge and knew I wanted to learn from him. My choice was the best choice I could have made. His teaching and knowledge is unsurpassed. Learning 5-PATH® to help others and learning to teach 7th Path™ to others is more than I expected. I learned a profession and learned about myself.
Thanks Cal & Maureen Rodney Tompkins
Rialto, CA

This was the most valuable class I have ever attended. Anthony Granata
Orwigsburg, PA

Past Graduates

Hypnosis Certification Course Schedule

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July 13 – 24, 2020 (Weekends off: July 18 & 19, 2020) - Early Registration Discounts Available.

October 19 - 30, 2020 (Weekends off: October 24 & 25, 2020) - Early Registration Discounts Available.

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Bonus Book

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic To Advanced Techniques For The Professional.

When you enroll in this course we will immediately send you a copy of the best- selling book by Calvin D. Banyan and Gerald F. Kein, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional, so you can get a head start on the course.

The Week of Power - Professionally Accredited Advanced Hypnosis Training Course Schedule

The Week of Power - Professionally Accredited Advanced Hypnosis Certification with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis™

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April 26 – May 2, 2020 - To Be Held at Dallas, TX
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December 7 – 13, 2020 - To Be Held at Singapore
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