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Hypnosis Certification - Which Certification Course is For You?

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Certification

hypnosis certification

Enjoy Award-Winning Hypnosis Certification Training!

Graduate from the Banyan Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® and get the skills you need to be successful:

  • Go into private practice or work in a hypnosis center.
  • Earn prestige and a high income.
  • Too many benefits to list here. Click and learn more.

Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training

Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training

The Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis Certification for hypnotherapists who want to move up to the next level.

For those already certified and want to update your techniques. Learn these advanced hypnosis & hypnotherapeutic techniques that will make you more confident and effective, so that you and your clients are more successful!

  • Skill and confidence building course.
  • Recognized professional certification & CEU's.
  • Effective & professional instant and rapid hypnotic inductions.
  • Too many benefits to list here. Click and learn more.

Learn Hypnosis: Distance Training Through Live Hands-On Internet Technology or Our Video Course

Online Hypnosis Training

Two Great Ways to Learn without Traveling
Live Online
Through Distance Learning Video Course

  • Take Our Courses LIVE Online! Join Our Classes From Anywhere On the Internet

    Save valuable time, money and effort by enrolling in this distance hypnosis learning course that enables you to take the course live from a virtual, front-row seat.

    This is unlike any other distance learning course because you are completely integrated into the on-site classroom via the Internet. Learn about taking our live hypnosis courses online.

  • Study and Get Certification on Your Own Schedule, with Video Training!

    Now you can get your hypnosis training and certification through a complete video course, including all the basics, and the advanced form of hypnotherapy called 5-PATH®. Learn more about the hypnosis training video course.