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How to Conduct a Weight Loss Session Using 5-PATH®

How to Conduct a Weight Loss Session Using 5-PATH®


Note: These CD's are intended for the use of certified 5-PATH®ers only and may not be a benefit to you if you are only casually acquainted with the system.

This 2 CD set features Cal Banyan training one of our new hypnotists on how to use the 5-PATH® system with our weight loss clients. Cal goes over the process step by step on how to prepare a client for the session. He discusses what suggestions should be used and why. This is a set you will listen to time and again if you are really interested in helping others lose weight! It is packed with information.

  • How to conduct the pre-hypnosis interview.

  • How to have the client authorize the use of suggestions ahead of time.

  • How to remove old conditioning (Pavlovian/Classical Conditioning).

  • How to help your client eat less and not feel deprived or go on a diet.

  • How to help your client overcome emotional eating and stop using food to cope.

  • How to make your suggestions last a long time, even last forever

  • How emotional eating leads to frustration, depression and how to save your client from that.

  • How to use the "little Red Book".

  • How to help your client delay gratification without eating (good distracters).

  • How to help your client recognize and respond to true physical hunger.

  • How to present these ideas using examples and stories that your client will relate to.

  • How to use The High Road To Success (Fork In The Road) patter in your sessions.

  • How to use the word "Sleep" without your client confusing it with an instruction to go to sleep.

  • How to begin subsequent sessions and integrate 5-PATH® into your weight loss program.

  • How to build a mental expectation of success in subsequent sessions.

  • How to use age regression and affect bridge in Phase II of a weight loss program.

  • How to find ISE in a weight loss age regression.

  • How to remove the feeling that may be causing the eating.

  • How to use the Informed Child and Informed Adult Techniques for weight loss.

  • How to customize your sessions to each client and make each session 10 times more powerful.

  • How to provide your client with a mental expectation of ongoing success.

  • How to have your clients make powerful suggestions to themselves in the hypnosis.

  • How to use the information that you learned in age regression in the subsequent sessions.

  • How many sessions should be conducted for each stage of hypnosis.

  • How to determine a safe place to stop age regression and where to start again in the next session.

  • How to do forgiveness work associated with a weight problem.

  • How to determine how many sessions your client needs.

  • How to end the program by spacing out sessions, and providing ongoing support.

  • How to give your clients assignments that will really help them take control over overeating.

By Calvin Banyan
2 CDs - Approx. 85minutes