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How to Conduct a Stop Smoking Session Using 5-PATH®

How to Conduct a Stop Smoking Session Using 5-PATH®


Note: These CD's are intended for the use of certified 5-PATH®ers only and may not be a benefit to you if you are only casually acquainted with the system.

This 2 CD set features Cal Banyan training one of our new hypnotists on how to use the 5-PATH® system with our stop smoking clients. Cal goes over the process step by step on how to prepare a client for the session. He discusses what special consideration for the smoking client and which suggestions should be used and why. This is a cd you will listen to time and again if you are really interested in helping others stop smoking! It is packed with information.

  • How to determine if the client would benefit from the short 2 session program or if they really need to go through the whole 5-PATH®.

  • How to introduce your client to the concept that cigarette smoking may have a emotional component.

  • How to determine if you should use Affect Bridge Age Regression or regress to first cigarette/

  • How to ensure that regression to first cigarette will be effective.

  • How to determine which patter scripts will be the most effective.

  • How to determine if the client should stop and the first session or over time.

  • How to remove the cause of the smoking.

  • How to do forgiveness work and have it relate to the stop smoking experience.

  • How to have your client give herself powerful stop smoking suggestions during the session.

  • How to end the session with powerful waking suggestion.

  • How to switch a client from the 2-session program to the 5-PATH® program when needed.

  • How to give waking suggestions to clients in the waiting room so that they benefit.

  • How have your clients market your program for you and love doing it.

By Calvin Banyan 2 CDs - Approx. 101 minutes