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Products for Banyan Graduates

If you are not a graduate of our Hypnosis Certification Program, I'm sorry, until you go through either our NGH Hypnosis Certification course, or our 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnosis course, these products are simply not available to you. This is because you must have a background in using the 5-PATH® system in order for them to be fully useful to you.

Alright, now back to you graduates. Here is the deal. Some of you wish you would have bought our "Student Only" hypnosis study and business setup aids when you were still in class, and now you want them. We have them listed on this page for you.

Graduate Hypnotist Listing

All of our graduates are eligible to have their names, locations and specialties listed on hypnosis-directory.com. Now that you have graduated and have the tools to really begin helping others, they need a way to find you so that they can benefit from your new skills. There are no better trained hypnotists in the world than the hypnotists that graduate our training program. Make sure that you provide us with the information so that we can set up your web page with the information that you potential clients need to contact you and make that first appointment.

Hypnosis Office Business Start-up Pack 2.1®

Business Start-Up Pack CD


Do you want to save yourself a lot of time and effort as you set up your Hypnosis practice? Then you have to get The Business Pack. We spent years developing the business system that is used at Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. Remember when you walked through our facility and we explained how it all worked? Lots of effort and money went into developing our "Model Hypnosis Center."

And, it comes complete with new forms and a DVD with Maureen discussing all of our secrets to booking appointments to get your schedule full of appointments, on DVD.

You get all of our forms (hard copy and on DVD) including which are like a checklist of procedures for running a hypnosis office:

  • Client History Form, with medical codes
  • Physician Referral Form
  • Sample Brochure
  • Feedback Form
  • Message Form
  • First Appointment Form
  • Subsequent Appointment Form
  • Incoming Call Handling Form
  • Letter To Clients Who Make Appointments
  • Letter To Clients Who Missed Appointment
  • Mental Health Disclosure Form (Minnesota Version)
  • Appointment Policy
  • Stop Smoking Certificate For Clients
  • Client Weight History Form
  • Weight Loss Questionnaire

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Hypnosis Pre-Talk

Pre-Talk: Truth About Hypnosis


As you learned in class, everyone of normal intelligence who is willing to follow instructions can be hypnotized, and reach deep levels of hypnosis which is required for some of the most powerful hypnotic techniques. This is why it is very important that each client be properly prepared for experiencing hypnosis. This video (on tape or CD) enables you to provide that information in a very efficient way for you clients.

You can either let Calvin Banyan prepare your clients by having your clients watch this video before their first session or you can study this program and develop you own video program.

This video program, The Truth About Hypnosis, prepares your client by covering the following information:

  • Defines the different levels of the mind, including the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.
  • Discusses why it has been difficult to make changes on their own.
  • Discusses how hypnosis works.
  • Informs you client what their role is in the process.
  • Defines hypnosis.
  • Informs your client of the normal and natural nature of hypnosis.
  • Tells your client why hypnosis is safe and overcomes many common misconceptions about hypnosis.
  • Prepares your client to meet with you and encourages him or her to ask any questions about anything not covered in the video program.

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Advanced Training

This is brand new, and we expect that the list will grow. New products that we use to train our hypnotists will be added as they become available. Note that these products assume that you have a foundation in using the 5-PATH® system, in that you already have a fundamental understanding of doing Direct Suggestion, Age Regression and Forgiveness Work.

How To Conduct Weight Loss Program Using 5-PATH®


Audio (two cassette tapes) recording of Cal Banyan training one of our new hypnotists on how to use the 5-PATH® system with our weight loss clients. Cal Banyan goes over the process step by step on how to prepare a client for the session. He discusses what suggestions should be used and why. This is a tape you will listen to time and again if you are really interested in helping others lose weight! It is packed with information.

  • How to conduct the pre-hypnosis interview.
  • How to have the client authorize the use of suggestions ahead of time.
  • How to remove old conditioning (Pavlovian/Classical Conditioning).
  • How to help your client eat less and not feel deprived or go on a diet.
  • How to help your client overcome emotional eating and stop using food to cope.
  • How to make your suggestions last a long time, even last forever
  • How emotional eating leads to frustration, depression and how to save your client from that.
  • How to use the "little Red Book".
  • How to help your client delay gratification without eating (good distracters).
  • How to help your client recognize and respond to true physical hunger.
  • How to present these ideas using examples and stories that your client will relate to.
  • How to use The High Road To Success (Fork In The Road) patter in your sessions.
  • How to use the word "Sleep" without your client confusing it with an instruction to go to sleep.
  • How to begin subsequent sessions and integrate 5-PATH® into your weight loss program.
  • How to build a mental expectation of success in subsequent sessions.
  • How to use age regression and affect bridge in Phase II of a weight loss program.
  • How to find ISE in a weight loss age regression.
  • How to remove the feeling that may be causing the eating.
  • How to use the Informed Child and Informed Adult Techniques for weight loss.
  • How to customize your sessions to each client and make each session 10 times more powerful.
  • How to provide your client with a mental expectation of ongoing success.
  • How to have your clients make powerful suggestions to themselves in the hypnosis.
  • How to use the information that you learned in age regression in the subsequent sessions.
  • How many sessions should be conducted for each stage of hypnosis.
  • How to determine a safe place to stop age regression and where to start again in the next session.
  • How to do forgiveness work associated with a weight problem.
  • How to determine how many sessions your client needs.
  • How to end the program by spacing out sessions, and providing ongoing support.
  • How to give your clients assignments that will really help them take control over overeating.

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How To Conduct a Stop Smoking Program Using 5-PATH®


Audio (two cassette tapes) recording of Cal Banyan training one of our new hypnotists on how to use the 5-PATH® system with our stop smoking clients. Cal Banyan goes over the process step by step on how to prepare a client for the session. He discusses what special consideration for the smoking client and which suggestions should be used and why. This is a tape you will listen to time and again if you are really interested in helping others stop smoking! It is packed with information.

  • How to determine if the client would benefit from the short 2 session program or if they really need to go through the whole 5-PATH®.
  • How to introduce your client to the concept that cigarette smoking may have a emotional component.
  • How to determine if you should use Affect Bridge Age Regression or regress to first cigarette
  • How to ensure that regression to first cigarette will be effective.
  • How to determine which patter scripts will be the most effective.
  • How to determine if the client should stop and the first session or over time.
  • How to remove the cause of the smoking.
  • How to do forgiveness work and have it relate to the stop smoking experience.
  • How to have your client give herself powerful stop smoking suggestions during the session.
  • How to end the session with powerful waking suggestion.
  • How to switch a client from the 2-session program to the 5-PATH® program when needed.
  • How to give waking suggestions to clients in the waiting room so that they benefit.
  • How have your clients market your program for you and love doing it.

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