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Disturbed by Sleeping Partner: Age Regression and Direct Suggestion Procedure

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Note to the Hypnotist: This script was designed to be used in Phase II of the 5-PATH® system. It presumes training in the 5-PATH® system by the Hypnotist. Only a brief description of the age regression portion of the session is given because a 5-PATH® Hypnotist is trained in the use of hypnotic age regression techniques such as Affect Bridge and Informed Child Techniques. This training can be obtained by contacting Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. See the information above.


Feeling each restful breath go in and out. I am going to count from 5 down to 1, at the count of 1 find yourself back at home in bed with your partner. 5, 4, 3, 2,..1 Experience her snoring in the bed and disturbing your sleep. Experience that feeling that occurs to you as your sleep is disturbed. Some people would call this feeling frustration, or irritation, or anger.

As I count from 1 to 5 become more aware of the feeling that you are experiencing, and allow it to become as strong as it ever has before. 1, 2, 3, 4, ... 5.

Good. Keep focused on this feeling. As you focus on this feeling, I'm going to count from 10 to 1. As I count from 10 to 1, your inner mind takes you back to a scene, situation or event, that has everything to do with this feeling. In fact, it will be the first event of significance to this feeling. 10, ... 1. First impressions (Indoors/outdoors, light/dark, alone or with someone). Give me a report. Where are you, and what is happening?

Is this feeling familiar, like "oh boy here we go again," or is it new like a surprise? (If new you have may have ISE, if not, continue to regress to ISE. Then do Informed Child Technique and go through the SSEs with the client sleeping soundly with the snoring or other behavior that used to bother the client.)


Feelings come from how we experience the world. For example, anger comes from a feeling of being treated unfairly. You have associated the feeling of _______ (insert experienced feeling) with your partner stirring in bed. In reality, the fact that your wife stirs in bed has no negative meaning at all. As a matter of fact it has nothing to do with you at all. You can now ignore it completely.

The only meaning that your wife snoring (stirring, etc.) next you has, is that she is there with you. You are together with her. Things are okey in your life. In fact, her stirring can now serve as a reminder that everything is okay, and that the two of you are safe and comfortable in your bed.

Now, the sensation of your wife snoring (stirring, etc.) in bed only reminds you of how comfortable things are. How safe things are. And, how sleepy you are. And, you quickly respond by falling into a deeper, natural sleep.

Every time that you feel her move next to you in bed, you feel good, safe, comfortable, and easily go into a deeper, natural sleep. Every time that you hear her next to you in bed, you feel good, safe, comfortable, and easily go into a deeper, natural sleep (Compound this statement.)

This information is now stored in your subconscious mind, there for you, any time that you sleep. And, every time that you hear her snoring next to you in bed, you feel good, safe, comfortable, and easily go into a deeper, natural sleep. (Compound this statement. Use suggestions based on the benefits of making the change form.)

Have you now accepted this information, and these suggestions for a restful sleep? (Use ideo-motor response and receive a "yes" signal.)

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