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Patter For Erectile Dysfunction: Sensual Acuity

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The unconscious mind controls all automatic body functions. It controls breathing, heart rate, respiration and perspiration. It is in control of all of the body functions that are not under constant conscious control. As a matter of fact, if you try to control these automatic body functions consciously you will either fail of cause them to just not work right.

For example, have you ever thought about your breathing? If were walking along and you decided to concentrate on your breathing you will find that it disrupts the whole process. Before you started thinking about it, you were breathing just fine, automatically. Your unconscious mind was managing quite well without any conscious effort. You unconscious mind knows how to measure how much oxygen your body needs, and then automatically lets your lungs and diaphragm know what the right speed and depth of breathing is required. But when you start thinking about your breathing consciously, you don't know if you are breathing fast enough or slow enough, or deep enough or shallow enough. It is not until you start thinking about something else that you unconscious mind can take back control and handle thing perfectly.

So if you don't think about your erection, your unconscious mind will make one for your. This is a simple process but some people make a mistake. If I told you to not think about your breathing it would be difficult for you to do that. It is difficult to not think about something by trying to not think about it. Here is another example, try to not think about pink elephants. Try harder and really try not to think about pink elephants. As long as you try to not think about pink elephants you can't help it, you just keep thinking of pink elephants.

But if I told you to now think about another kind animal, like cows you can take your attention away from the pink elephants. Watch how well this works. Lets think about cows. Some cows are brown and some are black and white. Cows are female and people can get milk from them. They also have calves, and the calves get good creamy milk from their mothers. Male cows are not cows. They are bulls.

So now we have learned that the unconscious mind perfectly controls all automatic body functions and among these are the ability of men to get and sustain an erection. We also know that the unconscious mind does best when left alone to do its job. If you think about an erection, it will only get in the way of the unconscious mind doing what it knows how to do. It knows how to give you're a perfect erection anytime that you need one.

We also know that it is almost impossible to not think about something. If you start thinking about or worrying about your erection, it only gets in the way of your unconscious mind providing you with a good strong erection. So what you need to do is to give your unconscious mind all of the information that it needs to provide you with an erection whenever you want one. You know that you can't just talk to it and say, "okay unconscious mind, give me an erection," because then you are thinking about it again.

This is what you do. The subconscious mind is structured to automatically respond to certain things. The more strongly that you are aware of these certain things, the more abundantly the subconscious mind gets the information it needs to provide you with a good strong and long lasting erection. This information comes through the 5 senses. When you want to have an erection all you have to do is focus on you partner. Give her your 100% attention and you will have a 100% erection. It is that simple. But how do you give her that kind of attention?

This is how. Use all of your 5 senses when you are with her. Allow yourself to use touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. So then, this is the secret. When you are with your partner, really use your senses. Notice the touch of her skin. The taste of her skin. The scent of her perfume. The way she looks. And, the sounds that she makes.

Really allow your senses to be filled with these wonderful and pleasant sensations. These are the signals that your unconscious mind needs to receive. It uses these senses to get the information it needs to produce a good strong long lasting erection.

When you are with her really notice her touch, taste, appearance, scent and the sounds that she makes. Maybe there is some particular thing that you like best about her. Focus on that aspect of her, if there is some particular thing that strikes you as being sexually attractive. Is it her hair, her eyes, her figure? Really, allow yourself to enjoy that part of the experience. As you do this, your unconscious mind will respond to these things and send all of the proper signals so that you function perfectly. Focus on her. That is the secret.

Notice how it feels like to touch her. Notice the sensation of the touch and how she responds to it. Some places may be smooth and cool while others may be rough and warm. Explore all of the sensations. Be a great explorer.

Notice how she tastes when you kiss her. Enjoy the taste of her lips and skin. Some places may be sweet and others salty.

Enjoy seeing all the things that you don't usually get to see until the next time that you are together this way.

Enjoy how each part of her smells. Notice the scent of her hair and skin. All of these very feminine smells send very definite signals to your nervous system. Some of these smells are produced by glands that are specifically designed by nature to communicate to your nervous system and produce an erection. Some of these smells are almost undetectable by the conscious mind and are called pheromones.

Enjoy all of the sounds that she makes and the rhythm of her body as it moves next to yours.

As you focus on her your body responds reliably and consistently. You will be more confident when having sex. You confidence with extend throughout almost all aspects of your life.

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