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Cal Banyan's Hypnosis Etc. Podcast Volume 1

Cal Banyans Hypnosis Etc. Podcast Set


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Hours & Hours of Banyan Hypnosis Training on audios at an Incredible Price!

Volume 1 of the 6 Volume Set Purchased Separately Regular Price is $24.95

Hypnosis Training Audio Volume 1

This project has been in the works for a long time, and it has to be one of the best audio deals available in the world of hypnosis training!

It was your idea! Over the years, I have received emails from viewers of the, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. Show (with Celeste Hackett, Meredith Locher, and/or Elronn Ferguson), saying we wish we could take the audio version of the program with us when we are away from our computers!

  • Hypnosis Trainer Cal Banyan
    Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DFNGH, OB, MCPHI
  • Hypnosis Professional Meredith Locher
    Meredith Locher,
    MA, CH
  • Hypnosis Instructor Celeste Hackett
    Celeste Hackett,
    CH, CPHI
  • Hypnosis Professional Elronn Ferguson
    Elronn Ferguson,

That is why we have gathered up the first 150 episodes of fun, interesting and informative hypnosis training and put them in a series of 6 volumes. Each volume contains 25 episodes and is contained in 10-12 audios!

Here is what is contained in Volume 1 :

Audio 1

  1. My Goals With You For This Series of Hypnosis Podcasts, Reject the Label of Lay Hypnotist, and more - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. What is Hypnosis & Recommendations for Hypnotic Inductions - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 2

  1. How to Do the Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. Improve Your Client's Success by Using Convincers - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 3

  1. Increase Client Confidence for More Success - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. How to Write Hypnosis Scripts “On the Fly” - Featuring Cal Banyan

  3. Two Things You Can Do Over the Next Few Months to Make Your Hypnosis Practice More Fun, Profitable and Fulfilling - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 4

  1. How to Make Appointments on the Telephone - Featuring Cal Banyan and Maureen Banyan

  2. How to Choose the Best Hypnosis School or Trainer for You - Featuring Cal Banyan

  3. How to Build Your Practice through Great Search Engine Rank - Featuring Cal Banyan and Chris Lucia

Audio 5

  1. Developing Your Dynamic Hypnotic Voice - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. Reducing “Runaways” When You Do Age Regression Sessions - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 6

  1. Meet the Pros - Del Hunter Morrill - Write Great Scripts - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. Hypnosis and Sports Improvement - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 7

  1. and Pain Management Using 5-PATH® - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. Hypnosis for Overcoming OCD Symptoms and Bad Habits - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 8

  1. Cal Describes 5-PATH® To a Couple of New CPHIs - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. Answering Questions Regarding the “Air” Induction - Featuring Cal Banyan

  3. Dealing with Multiple Emotions During an Age Regression Session - Featuring Cal Banyan

Audio 9

  1. Advanced Hypnosis the 5-PATH® Way - Featuring Cal Banyan

  2. Maureen Says, “Dress for Success & Book Those Appointments” - Featuring Cal Banyan and Maureen Banyan

Audio 10

  1. Cal Interviews Matt Sison - Making “The Secret” Work - Featuring Cal Banyan and Maureen Banyan

Audio 11

  1. Roy Hunter, Part 1: The Interview - Featuring Cal Banyan and Roy Hunter

Audio 12

  1. Cal Interviewed by John Graden author of The Modern Masters of Hypnosis - Featuring Cal Banyan John Graden

  2. How and Why You Should Video Record Your Sessions - Featuring Cal Banyan

For information about purchasing the entire set go here.