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7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System 1-Day Class

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7th Path Student Booklet

Course Outline One-Day Workshop
Approximately 7 hours of instruction, experience and sharing.
Breaks approximately every hour.  Lunch at approximately 1:00 PM

  1. Introduction To the Class And Instructor

  2. Introduction To the 7th Path™ Booklet

  3. Why It Is Difficult To Learn Self-Hypnosis From A Book

  4. How You Will Learn Hypnosis In This Class, Using An Easy, Logical, Progression

  5. Discussing - Model of the Mind Handout

    • What the Unconscious Mind Does

    • What the Subconscious Mind Does

    • What the Conscious Mind Does

    • Critical Factor (Critical Faculty or Function) As A Comparing Function

    • Conscious Mind As A Point Of Focus (Past, Present And Future)

  6. Hypnosis As A Romancing Of The Conscious Mind

  7. Hypnosis Demystified, Hypnotic Phenomena Is Normal

  8. Examples of Hypnotic Anesthesia, Amnesia and Hallucinations In Normal Consciousness

  9. United States Government Definition of Hypnosis

  10. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Does Not Require Insight Or Reliving Of Events

  11. 7th Path™ Is Wonderful For All Normal People Who Want To Improve Themselves

  12. 7th Path™ Is Different From Regular Self-Hypnosis

    Story Of The Student and Master

  13. Doing 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

    • Steps (Delta) 1 Through 4 Of 7th Path™, Empty The Cup (Limiting Beliefs And   Habits)

    • Step (Delta) 5, Is When You Put In New Useful Beliefs and Habits

    • Why We Will Be Using The Symbol, "Δ" (Delta)

    • Using Δ, Allows Us To Have A Mind-Body-Spirit Balance In Our Hypnosis

    • The 7th Path System Is For Normal Everyday People With Normal Every Day Problems

    • Why Bring Spirituality Into It At All?  (It May Be Faster And Longer Lasting)

    • Doing The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis System As An Individual And In Groups

    • You May Start Getting Results Before You Start Suggesting Results

    • Taking Control Over Addictive Substances By Overcoming The Cause

    • Are There Side-Effects From Doing Self-Hypnosis? (They Are All Good!)

    • Learning The Self-Hypnosis Suggestions In The Hypnotic State Is Best

    • Your Seething Cauldron Of Emotions, Fueled By The Past, Present, And Future

    • Emotional Resonance, And Why You Sometimes Over React Emotionally To Situations

    • How This Approach Will Make You More Calm, Relaxed And In Control

    • How The First 4 Steps (Δ 1-4) Neutralize Erroneous Subconscious Programming

    • What Autosuggestion Is And How To Use Δ 1-5 As Autosuggestion

    • How To Use Self-Hypnosis When You Go To Sleep At Night

    • Using Δ Thoughts (Autosuggestion) As A Thought Stopping Technique

    • Daily Use Of Autosuggestion To Improve Attitude, Mood In Daily Life

    • Going Into Maintenance Mode By Reducing The Frequency Of Self-Hypnosis Sessions

    • 7th Path™ Is Easier Than Meditation

    • When To Seek A Hypnotist Or Other Mental Health Professional

    • How To Emerge From Hypnosis

    • The Worse Thing That Can Happen Is That You Might Go To Sleep

    • You Can Expect Getting Some Results Right Away

  14. The First Hypnosis Session As A Group

  15. Receiving The First Recognition And Suggestion For Self-Re-Induction Of Hypnosis

  16. First Self-Induction Of Hypnosis

  17. Discussion

    • Subjective Experiences Of Hypnosis

    • Students Share Their Experiences:  Emotional, Physical, Thoughts And Memories

  18. Second Self-Induction Of Self-Hypnosis

  19. Receiving The Second Recognition

  20. Self-Emerging From The Sessions

  21. Discussion

  22. Why All Feelings Are Good, And How To Understand Your Feelings

    • Understanding Anger, As An Example Of All Feelings Being Good

    • Discussion Of The Need To Release Old Festering Emotions

    • The Role Of Relaxation In The Process

  23. Why One Recognition Will Affect You More Than Others

  24. Introduction To Forgiveness And Not Having To Forget

  25. How To Use More Than One Recognition When Doing The Self-Hypnosis

  26. Using The Focus Point When Doing The Second Recognition

  27. Receiving The Third Recognition While In Self-Hypnosis and Talking About The Third Recognition

  28. How To Use These Recognitions As A Thought Stopping Technique

  29. Receiving The Fourth and Fifth Recognitions While In Self-Hypnosis

  30. Discussing The Fourth Recognitions And Its Usefulness In Forgiveness

  31. Discussing The Fifth Recognition, And It Was Like To Receive It

  32. The Fifth Recognition And The Power To Choose (Freewill And Action)

  33. Using The Fifth Recognition To Give Yourself Suggestions For What You Want

  34. The 6 Rules For Writing Really Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions

  35. The Role Of Fantasy In Using The Fifth Recognition

  36. Summary And Discussion On How To Implement The 7th Path™ System In YourLife

Echoes, Insights and Inspiration From Those On The 7th Path™

Click here to go to this new section of the web site where 7th Path™ Practitioners share their experiences on the Path.  Learn about how this Mind-Body-Sprit System of Self-Hypnosis works, explained by those that use it every day.  Learn about how it has changed lives and healed old wounds.