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Get On The Path - 7th Path Self-Hypnosis

7th Path Self-Hypnosis®
And Program Yourself For Success

Use A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach To Self-Hypnosis

Student Booklet Is Included In The Price of The Course
Your Teacher Will Give Out These Booklets At The Beginning of The Class

(8.5 x 11 and over 60 pages)

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7th Path Manual Cover 7th Path Back Cover

Cover and inside of back cover. Click to enlarge.

Below are the Table of Contents and Chapter 1

  • Chapter 1
    Welcome To the Path5

  • Chapter 2
    Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis9

  • Chapter 3
    The 7th Path™ Holistic Self-Hypnosis System11

  • Chapter 4
    Getting Started On the 7th Path™15

  • Chapter 5
    Emotions and Freeing Yourself From Old Programming17

  • Chapter 6
    The Experience of Doing the Path27

  • Chapter 7
    Reprogramming Yourself For Success31

  • Chapter 8
    More Information About the Recognitions and How To Use Them35

  • Chapter 9
    The Advanced Recognitions And Acceptable Variations51

  • Chapter 10
    The Secret Language of Feelings55

  • Chapter 11
    Frequently Asked Questions59

  • Write Down Your Recognitions63

Chapter 1: Welcome To the Path!

This is a guide to using the 7th Path™ system of self-hypnosis. It is meant to accompany the work that you are doing with a Hypnotist, a 7th Path™ Teacher or it can be used as an approach to personal change on your own, working with a recorded version of the class available on cassette tape or compact disks (CDs).

This booklet was written so that everyone introduced to the 7th Path™system will receive at least this minimum amount of information about this holistic form of self-hypnosis.

What is the 7th Path™?

The 7th Path™ system of self-hypnosis is a series of techniques for personal change. It is unlike any other system of self-hypnosis that came before it. It is different because it has built-in steps that work toward removing old subconscious barriers to successful living before you give yourself any self-hypnosis suggestions for the changes that you want to make.

Some aspects of the process are like an anti-virus program that computer owners use to remove destructive programs from their computers. This program will remove the little limiting programs that you have picked up over your lifetime (i.e., bad habits and erroneous beliefs in limitation). After you are well into the process you will learn to use this system to literally reprogram yourself for success. 

Good things will happen while you are removing the old programming. Because the subconscious and conscious levels of your mind know why you are using this process of self-hypnosis (i.e. increase motivation, improve self-esteem, etc.), it is common to start seeing some positive change before any suggestions are ever directly given for the changes that you want to make. For example, you might have come to The 7th Path™ because you want to work on weight loss, stress reduction, or sports improvement. Using the 7th Path™ system, you will not give yourself hypnotic suggestions directed at the changes you want to make on your particular issue until you receive the 5th step. However, it is often reported by users of this system that they quickly make substantial progress toward their goals, such as losing weight, or feeling a reduction of stress, or improvement in your sport, etc., while still in the process of removing old programming.

After you have begun using 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, if at any time you want to move ahead more quickly, or if you ever feel “stuck,” talk to your hypnotist or teacher. You may benefit from receiving a few private sessions. Individual sessions like these can greatly improve your progress, through the use of hypnosis, or discovering and correcting any problems that you may be experiencing in your application of this process (because of misunderstanding how to do the process).

The 7th Path™ system is designed to remove the old programming that is getting in the way of being successful. Removing old barriers is accomplished by using the first four steps (First through Fourth Recognitions) on the 7th Path™ system. This work will be taught while you are in class (live or recorded) or doing your hypnosis sessions with your hypnotist, if you are working with one.

If you are using the 7th Path™ system and not working with anyone else such as a 7th Path™ Teacher or Hypnotist, that is perfectly alright. If you have questions, you may contact our office and find out if there is such a person near you. We also encourage you to join our online community of 7th Path™ Practitioners, where you can get your questions answered online or share your experiences. Visit our web site or call our office for the latest information about our online support.

Where did the 7th Path™ system of self-hypnosis come from?

The 7th Path™ system was developed as a result of thousands of hours of working with clients in hypnosis. Through careful observation of our many clients who were making the positive changes that they came in to make, it was noted what kind of insights commonly lead to success. Also, 7th Path™ was influenced by pure inspiration and experience with other systems self-improvement and psychological training.

The 7th Path™ system is first and foremost a form of self-hypnosis. One of the few mistakes that some of our clients make when learning to use the techniques of the 7th Path™ system, is to attempt to turn it into some other technique that they have used in the past (i.e. meditation or visualization). The most common error is to try and make 7th Path™ into some kind of meditation practice which they are already familiar with. It differs in that it is not necessarily a form of religious or philosophical practice, it is directed at overcoming normal everyday issues that affect many people, and it is much easier to do than the vast majority of meditation techniques available.

Furthermore, in meditation it is often the intent of the practitioner to focus only on one thought or idea throughout the period of meditation. This is not the case when using the 7th Path™ system. This major difference makes the 7th Path™ practice much easier to do than meditation. If your mind wanders for a bit, that is okay. The 7th Path™ is a very forgiving practice. Having other thoughts is not only okay, it is useful! You are supposed to have other thoughts! We will talk more about this later as I explain the actual practice.