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Introduction to Informing Soul Technique DVD

Hello, everybody. Cal Banyan here, professional hypnotist and hypnotherapist. I want to talk to you about one of the pieces of training material that I think really goes beyond what most people get in their hypnosis training. A lot of people know about direct suggestion hypnosis. Maybe you've even been trained and you're proficient in age regression hypnosis. Or maybe you're one of those who wax a little bit more spiritual, and you with past life regression. Here is something that I think you're going to find to be a huge addition to your skills and abilities. It is the Informing Soul Technique.

Now, let me tell you about the Informing Soul Technique. I really developed it after studying age regression work, and doing really thousands of hours of age regression work. Now, age regression is where you take someone to a time in this present life. And some people will spontaneously go back to what they perceive to be a past life. And not enough attention is really paid to the time in between lives. And there's a number of authors and people talking about the in between life process. And as I studied them, I found that most people were really doing lousy hypnosis with lousy technique; doing such things as leading the client to have certain kinds of experiences.

In their mind, these other teachers believe that people are supposed to go through a certain process in between lives. And what I found is if you don't lead the client, there's almost an infinite number of experiences that can happen in between life. Let me ask you a question. What is the most important day of your life? What's the most important day? Some people would say, oh, it's the day you're born. Some people might say, oh, maybe it's the day that you die. And I want to tell you, the most important day of your life is the day you discover why you were born.

And the Informing Soul Technique DVD set, really what we get into is teaching people how to do that. What we do is we can either, as part of an age regression process or independently, we can have people go back to the time before they were born. In that time when the spirit is deciding to come into life, deciding what is the important thing to do in this life. And the Informing Soul Technique is really about helping people understand why they're coming into this life. It's so interesting. Even some of the most painful things that we're experiencing in this life often are things that the soul of the individual set up. And not only do I do classroom work showing you how, step by step, from a lecture, academic point of view, but there's also on here two actual sessions where I do the informing soul with two individuals, and they are absolutely astounded at how useful the information is.

Now, some of you may have heard of the informed child technique. And the informed child technique is where, in age regression work, you will have the grown-up tell the child what the child needs to know to get through the initial sensitizing event and subsequent events in the age regression so that they don't have the problem, to neutralize the problem. This takes us to a whole higher level, because instead of the adult doing the informing, what we do is we find out why the person's coming into the life, why they're going to have certain challenges in their life, and then we're going to have the soul inform the baby after the baby is born. The adult aspect of the client watches and hears that.

And so the informing soul both informs the child before the events are about to happen in their life, so that they can go through it with that kind of understanding and peace and wisdom, and also the adult, who is your client, gets to have that insight, too. It's a tremendous, life-changing process. I encourage you to add it to your skills and to your library. You're going to really be able to help people at a level you've never been able to help them at all in the past. As a matter of fact, I know at least one hypnotherapist, this is all they do. They love this. They have clients lined up waiting to go through the informing soul process. Go ahead. Learn it. Get it. You're going to be excited at how it's going to be able to help you. In fact, you're going to want to go through the informing soul process yourself. Remember, what's the most important day of your life? The day that you find out why you were born, Informing Soul Technique, that's how it's done. Once again, this is Cal Banyan, signing off.

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Click to go to the video version of this page, Informing Soul Technique DVD