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Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Book

Hello, everybody. Cal Banyan here, hypnotist, hypnotherapist at the Banyan Hypnosis Center. Hey, I want to tell you just a little bit about one of my favorite things that I ever did, and that was a writing of a book "Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basics to Advanced Techniques to the Professional." I probably got more praise for this book than anything I have ever produced. Because of this book, I went into the spotlight in the profession, and also became a writer for the National Guild of Hypnotists' Journal of Hypnotism. And so I'm very proud of this book. Co-authored with Gerald F. Klein.

This book has been in the top 10 of Amazon hypnosis and hypnotherapy books probably since they first heard about the book. I mean, for years and years. And I think the reason that it's so successful is it's just a very easy to read, systematic book. And it's going to take you step by step through some of the most important things that the hypnotist and hypnotherapist does. I'm just going to kind of cruise through here, through the contents, and make a few comments about it, and I hope you'll decide to get it.

In Chapter 1, we do getting started in the profession and becoming better. How to assess whether you have the tools, and how you can begin to become better as a hypnotherapist. Then we go into Chapter 2, setting up the office. You're going to be amazed at all the little things you can do in your office or hypnosis center to make your sessions more successful.

In Chapter 3, preparing your client before you begin the first session. Preparing your client for success is so important and sometimes really not taken as seriously as it should be in the profession. Just about anybody of normal intelligence who's mentally healthy can be hypnotized if you take the time to prepare them for the sessions. That's what Chapter 3 is all about.

Chapter 4 is the pre-hypnosis interview. This is the information you get from the client before you begin the process. Make sure you know what to listen to, what kind of questions to ask, and also, maybe even more importantly, what information to ignore that your clients tell you. Remember, they don't know the cause of the problem. Not really. If they did, they probably would have got over it a long time ago.

In the second part of the book, beginning with Chapter 5, we talk about increasing your success for successful age regression. And the things we do to make age regression really work so that you can have successful age regressions sessions that really go beyond the expectations of your client, and really, honestly, the abilities of most hypnotists in the profession. We talk about deepening techniques. Chapter 7, we talk about giving hypnotic suggestions. There are certain things you can do to make your hypnotic suggestions more powerful. And you certainly want to know about all of those techniques.

Chapter 8, wrapping up the first session. People sometimes undervalue the time right after the hypnosis session. The truth is, your clients, when they first come out of hypnosis, are still highly suggestible, and really still in hypnosis. And I give you some ideas about how you can use that time productively. We also talk about what kind of things go on in subsequent sessions to the age regression work. We really find out the details of doing affect bridge age regression and other types of age regression. We have Chapter 12, it's completely devoted to really uncovering that initial sensitizing event and neutralizing it. Let's see, setting up your client with a vision of success. You know, there's really... not enough attention paid to age progression work, and how to get your client to expect success after the session. And let's see. We also go on into some other important things that you can do outside of the age regression process.

All in all, you're going to find out, dollar for dollar, this is one of the best investments you can make in your hypnosis professional development. I think you're going to find that it's something you're going to want to refer to over and over again. I have people tell me that they've highlighted this book so many times that all the pages are highlighted, and that there's almost nothing not highlighted. It's no fluff. It's no theory. It's all about practical stuff. I think you're going to love it. Pick it up. Add it to your library. Increase your skill set. Alright, this is Cal Banyan. I hope you get "Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy." I'm signing off.

Copyright 2013 Calvin D. Banyan . All rights reserved.

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