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5-PATH® 2.0 DVD - Hypnosis Training DVD Set

Hello everybody, Cal Banyan here; certified hypnotist, certified trainer. I just want to let you know something very, very special; the brand new 5-PATH® 2.0 Hypnosis Training DVD System is out. I know a lot of you have the old system. It was recorded years ago. There have been a lot of updates since the old DVD set, and I want you to know about the new set and what it's got in store for you. Now for some of you guys maybe this is the first time you've ever heard of it, but I want you to know that this is the most up to date, most complete distance learning course for 5-PATH®. This is actually the week of power. Many of you have heard about that; that's the Banyan advanced hypnosis certification course, and it includes 5-PATH®.

Now let me tell you what this contains. It contains the skills and abilities to give you the confidence to really move your practice up to the next level. What we really want, we want to be able to help the maximum number of people to benefit from our services. And that's what 5-PATH® is all about.

So what is 5-PATH®? 5-PATH® is a five phase approach, which includes five phases, not five sessions. You might complete 5-PATH® in three sessions, or it might take eight sessions or more, depending. A lot of times it just happens that the average client with the average issue, with experienced hypnotist is going to average around five sessions, but that's just a coincidence.

All right, let me tell you about this course. I go over what I call the advanced basics. The advanced basics is the basics that, gosh, you should have had but a lot of people don't get, such as how to take people reliably into [som nambulism] using both instant and rapid inductions; how to test for different depths of hypnosis. Then we get into the full onslaught of what 5-PATH® is, and 5-PATH® phase one is preparation, testing, and convincing. And I show you how to prepare your client to go into hypnosis, [som nambulistic] level, almost every single time. We approach 100% success in that.

Then also in this phase one we have testing; after we hypnotize them we test them to make sure that they run into [som nambulism]. And then preparation, testing, convincing, are so important. Most hypnotists don't do this, and that is, we do convincers that cannot fail. We're going to show you how to do that. Once we've tested the person to know that they are in hypnosis, we can convince them that they are in hypnosis and the reason why we want to do that is our experience has shown time and again that our clients that realize that they are in hypnosis do better than those that don't--plus they give you more referrals, which is always a good thing.

Then Phase Two is age regression and age progression. We're going to show you how to expertly do age [aggression] a number of different ways, but primarily what we call affect bridge age aggression. To uncover the events in the person's life that have led up to and reinforced the problem they came in to see you about.

Now what you're going to do is become an expert in age aggression. This is important because age aggression is the most powerful technique that any helping professional could ever have. If you're a counselor, if you're a social worker, if you are a physician, if you are a psychiatrist, if you are a psychologist, if you work with people and you want to help them change their behavior, change how they're feeling, then becoming an expert in age aggression is a number one thing that you can do without using drugs.

Now what you're going to do is learn how to take that person back to those phases of their life, find the event that caused the problem, and then learn how to neutralize it. And when you've neutralized that, it's done through insight, through ah-ha, through the epiphany experience and this changes things at the deepest levels of the individual's subconscious mind and makes them hyper-suggestible for the suggestions that you want to give them for the changes they want to make.

Also we do age progression, and as we take them into their probable future that they would expect to have having made those changes you create a strong and powerful expectancy to succeed and a change in their life.

Now in Phase Three and Four, what we do is we do forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of self. In the age regression process what we find out is somebody did something to them, at least from the perspective of the child that had the experience in the past. And so they are going to be holding mother, father, sister, brother, whoever it is, responsible to some degree. And if that appears to be unfair, which of course it would, there's going to be a feeling of anger inside.

Now that anger needs to be neutralized or it holds them to the old pattern, and that's done through the forgiveness of others. And I'm going to show you how to be an expert in creating forgiveness in your clients, because in here is something no other system has; it's called the 10 Keys to Forgiveness, exclusive to the Banyan training. The only way you can get it is through our distance learning, our week of power course, or live through our certification power course.

Then also there is the forgiveness itself. This insight process that we take our clients through causes a person to recognize some things. One is that perhaps they had contributed to the problem in some way, or allowed it to go on longer than it really needed to. And when that's the case, of course, they are either going to be angry at themselves, or feel guilty. Maybe they caused other people harm as well, and in the Phase Four we are going to do that forgiveness and self process to neutralize that.

Now pay attention; age regression, forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self are insight based hypnosis or processes. And what this does is it causes that epiphany inside at the deepest level of the subconscious mind they recognize something that forces a subconscious mind into a state of reorganization and they become hyper suggestible with regard to those issues. And I'll show you how to put in suggestions that are consistent with those epiphanies or those ah-ha experiences and those suggestions once accepted can last forever.

Now also the 5-PATH® process does something else that no other hypnosis system does. And that is it's got a built-in framework for working with a thing called secondary gain. Now secondary gain is an issue that comes up in many cases, but not all. And that is when people have had a long-standing problem what happens is after a while they'll find some benefit in the problem, and if the benefit is strong enough they may be unwilling to let go of the issue, the bad habit, whatever it was, after the cause of the problem has been removed.

So through a particular form of parts work that I call Parts Mediation Work or parts mediation work, we're going to be able to neutralize that secondary gain. And I know there are some psychologists out there and other people that work with clients who have secondary gain, and they're going, wow, that's really interesting. Because secondary gain can be a very difficult thing to work with, but I'm going to show you how you can neutralize secondary gain in just one session.

All right, well let me let you know that not only do you get this knowledge, but there's an optional certification exam you can take. You don't have to take it, but if you do take it and you pass it then you become one of us--the 5-PATH®ers, the ones who are diligently becoming the best of the best in the profession.

You get ongoing support, we have online groups. Our phone is ready to answer your questions, just give us a ring; anything we can do to make you more successful. Our saying has always been, our success comes from your success, and so together we believe that we can lift the entire profession and in doing so help so many people change their lives to be happier, healthier, wealthier, to live more satisfying lives and to have better relationships, and that's what it's really all about.

So I hope you'll take a good look at the 5-PATH® 2.0 Distance Learning Course because I believe that working together we can bring this profession to an entirely new level and starting one practice at a time, starting with your practice is the next one.

Well, that's it for this video. Please keep checking our website. I hope you decide to add this tool set to your toolbox and to add our programs to your library. That's it for now, Cal Banyan signing off.

Copyright 2013 Calvin D. Banyan . All rights reserved.

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