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Calling All Professional Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists!

Information for the National Guild of Hypnotist Convention, August 2006

How To Register by Telephone: Call the NGH Registrar at (603) 429-9438.

Why Hypnosis Professionals Should Attend the NGH Convention

  • To discover tested new strategies and programs being used successfully in the world
  • To have a powerful personal and professional experience that will stay with you long after you return home
  • To stretch your confidence
  • To increase you earning by learning
  • To expand your national and international connections
  • To choose from over 200 presentations by today's most renowned hypnosis professionals
  • To experience a powerful sense of community and renewal from joining with other like-minded people
  • To recharge your spirit in the most energized convention in the world
  • To get an update on hypnosis legislation pending around the country
  • To fulfill continuing education requirements
  • To learn how others are dealing with the issues you may be facing
  • To discover new resources by wandering through the Exhibit area
  • To change your old beliefs as you are exposed to new ones
  • To encounter cutting-edge thinkers, educators and leaders
  • To learn simple and effective new methods for personal growth and professional development.
  • To learn from Calvin Banyan the creator of the 5-PATH® system of hypnotherapy who will be teaching three courses - click here for more information!

That's what the NGH Convention 2005 is all about. A concentrated three day idea exchange, packed with enlightening presentations, extraordinary networking opportunities, and plenty of inspiration...all designed to provide you with an action list filled with new ideas and strategies you will begin using first thing the following week!

These are times of tremendous challenge; they require the best of each of us. By coming together for a weekend of collaborative learning, with the nation's leading hypnotherapy experts we can have an opportunity to discover the visions we all share, and understand more deeply the likely realities that will emerge from them. Such knowledge can help us shape our choices with greater awareness, skill and wisdom.

In addition to what occurs in the seminar and workshop sessions, we especially look forward to the atmosphere of warmth and friendship that emerges by working, dining, networking, and simply being together.

We guarantee you will find this Convention to be an enriching, rewarding experience, personally and professionally, for years to come.

Last year we had a sellout crowd and expect as many to join us this year. Don't be disappointed - make your hotel reservation and register today. We look forward to seeing you this summer in Boston.

Dr. Dwight Damon

What can you expect at the NGH 2006 Convention and Educational Conference

A 3-day weekend which offers over 200 seminars and workshops presented by more than 150 different speakers.

A unique opportunity to combine professional networking, learning and growth, personal fulfillment, friendship, self nurturing and play.

An environment that offers a sense of connectedness and encourages long-term linkages of its participants.

A powerful personal and professional experience that will stay with you long after you return home.

The NGH 2006 Convention & Educational Conference offers:

Topics for Every Professional: Program content varies from how-to workshops, case studies, business and marketing concerns, contemporary issues, research updates, and practical career hints to personal growth issues.

Concurrent Sessions: A variety of special topics, offering attendees the opportunity and option to choose from a wide-ranging roster of divergent areas.

Exhibit Area: Major vendors of products for use in your practice are available for demonstrations, discussions and information distribution.

NGH Book Store: Books, tapes, and other educational materials authored or recommended by Convention presenters are available for purchase in this area.


Just a few of the reasons you should attend the NGH 2006 Convention and Educational Conference:

  • Boost Results
  • Set New Goals
  • Learn New Skills
  • Spot New Trends
  • Discover New Techniques
  • Exchange Ideas with Colleagues
  • Meet the Leaders in Our Profession
  • Promote Unity Among Hypnotherapists

As hypnotherapists we are challenged every day to develop innovative methods to meet the needs of our clients. The NGH 2005 Convention, Exhibition & Educational Conference - the largest multi-disciplinary convention of its kind offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn how to optimize your effectiveness.

INTENSELY practical * INTENSELY creative * INTENSELY rewarding
Registration Information for 2006

How To Register: Phone the NGH Registrar at (603) 429-9438.

Continuing Education Certificates will be awarded upon request (with appropriate Continuing Education Units).

Tax Deductions may be allowed for educational expenses, including tuition, travel, meals, and lodging undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. Check with your accountant.

Meeting Policies: No Smoking in seminar or workshop sessions. Please complete an evaluation form at the convention to provide feedback to NGH for continued improvement of subject matter content and future selection of presenters. Convention badges must be worn by attendees at all times.

Tape Recording: Professionally produced tapes will be available for sale at the Convention. No personal tape recording