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2006 NGH Teleconference Testimonials

Susan Fuchs

The most useful information I received tonight was hearing how important it is to get to the root emotion behind a behavior. The thing that meant a lot to me was the idea that there can be a place to bring your concerns and questions and get definitive answers and support. I’m new to this field and sincerely want to help people reach goals in their life that they are having trouble accomplishing on their own, especially to stop smoking. My original training was focused on smoking cessation and though it included direct and indirect suggestions, anchoring, parts therapy, and other features I have discovered over my short career it just isn’t enough for all clients. I feel as though I’ve had some of the most challenging clients with varied results and have not had many places to turn for help and answers. I quickly realized I needed to learn and understand more and have enrolled in classes and even begun an NLP class, but I still feel insecure about tackling anything outside of smoking secession. It was so nice to hear from people [Cal’s grads] that feel they have the necessary skills and confidence to address any issue that crosses their path. I would love to have that feeling. Thank you.

Trudee Ray (Olson)

I've been afraid to start my practice. Cal was and still is my biggest inspiration. Onward and upward!

Rod Brown

I realized that I want to get certified in 5 PATH so I can learn more about convincers and how to use age regression, foregiveness, and parts therapy with every client which would give me much more confidence as a hypnotherapist.

Marybeth L. Spain

The information most useful to me was the "Informed Child Technique"--i.e. after asking the grown-up whether "knowing what you know now, would you have handled (the ISE) differently?" and then going back pre-ISE and explaining the truth about the situation to the child, thereby removing the seed that caused the adverse behavior. I need to do this methodically in every session.

Steve Hamlyn

The way that Cal has provided 7 Path™ to complement the 5-PATH® process. That there are well defined phases to the process to ensure that the pre-requisites for the particular phase are met before the next phase is conducted. Many of the techniques in 5PATH used are basically those as taught by Gerry Kein, but Cal has taken those techniques and made them into a step-by-step process, and the techniques can be applied in a systematic way. By Appling 5PATH, the hypnotherapy can allow the hypnotist to provide more reliable results for the client.

Diane User

There was so much good information in this teleseminar, but the part about using AR to find the cause of whatever problem and neutralize it, since it could have been a misconception as a child is a technique I know I will enjoy working with.

Vanessa Meireles

How to make hypnotism sessions more successful by using sonambulism, convincers and inside techniques. As well the use of forgiveness and use of emotions with age regression thru the 5-PATH® method.

Rick Knicely

That 5-PATH® is a "packaging" of the techniques that we already know. But used in a successful mechinistic way. Again stressing the importance of Somnambulism, Convincers and Regression.

Sandy Nemeroff

Awareness of specifically that which is involved with 5-PATH®....the power of age regression, the importance of achieving the somnambulistic state, the use of convincers, insight techniques, etc.

Rodney L. Merrill

The power of reframing regressed experiences to break links between events and meanings.

Mary Margaret Zimmer

It was useful to learn that age regression only allows fear and other emotions to exist. Firgiveness therapy is needed to neutralize the emotion.

Peg Papanek

The most useful information was how important the convincer is in supporting all of the following steps in the 5-PATH® process

Jennifer Chantal Tehan

To be successful in your business, you must set a level of quality and consistency. Reliable structure builds confidence.

Loretta Kukles

This was a great session that gave me a standard way to approach clients so each phase is successful to the client.

Rosemary Mack

It makes me more secure in procuring past life regression.

Jackie Baker

The informed child technique.

Katheryn M. Hamilton

To know the client will have an "aha" moment when they realize the problem, then the problem is neutralized and reinforced with positive.

Irene Shelton

The necessity of a somnambulistic state and the use of "convincers" both covert and overt for ultimate client satisfaction. The fundamental and systemic approach Cal has created is clearly valuable. I like also that he includes a step to address any secondary gains.

Diana Barton

Realizing that all issues having a beginning and that going to that point and dealing with it is the most effective way to resolve it.

Teresa Perciful

I just ordered & started the 5 path CD's this week, this is very powerful and ready to start working the system to permanent change. This deals with all the client’s issues.

Michelle Albright

The most useful information was that regression is for [primarily dealing with] fear, but not for other issues, and that forgiveness therapy covers these other issues [especially anger and guilt].


The questions to ask in age regression.

Jordon Wolf

[What I liked most about the teleseminar was]learning about the 5-PATH® and 7 Path™ techniques.

Jason Nagle

Learning about the real power of 7th Path™ and why Calvin's system works so well systematic)

Carol Henderson

I learned about 5-PATH® and why it was developed, to help hypnotherapists know what to do when with their clients

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