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Free To Relax

Free to Relax Audio

Any time, any where! Imagine, being able to take the edge off any situation. Relax and do better on tests, or giving presentations, or almost any situation. Relax and be in control!


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  • Fast - After using the audio you can deeply relax in seconds.

  • Easy - Listen to the audio. It's that simple.

  • Reliable - Learn to relax better in any situation.

  • Everyone benefits - Students, businessmen, parents.

  • Guaranteed - No questions, money back 60 days.

This hypnosis session on audio continues to get rave reviews from our clients at Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services.

Beat the stress and relax with our Free To Relax hypnosis session on audio.

Note that the Hypnosis Sessions on audio qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. This program is guaranteed to work against defect. If an audio does not work because it is defective it will immediately be replaced. Of if you find that this product was not right for you return it and we will refund the purchase price.

By Calvin D. Banyan
Approx. 66 minutes

Free To Relax Session Sample