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Wordweaving, Vol. II: The Question is the Answer

Wordweaving, Vol. II: The Question is the Answer


By Trevor Silvester

Modern hypnotherapy involves far more than reading problem-related scripts to clients. It involves understanding the client and using their way of seeing the world to help them with their issues. In Volume II: The Question is the Answer, Trevor Silvester shows you how to ask the questions that provide you with the information you need to create hypnotic language patterns specifically for each client, and guide them to finding their own answers to life's problems.

Building on the model introduced in Wordweaving, Volume I: The Science of Suggestion, this volume will help you integrate your suggestions into a model of therapy that guides you from the first appointment to the last, maintaining your focus on the client's outcome, and adapting to the changing situation as it evolves. Using a questioning model developed by Gil Boyne, the author shows you how three simple questions can uncover the pattern of a client's issue, and also create their evidence for recovery.

How we imagine our future is a key to how we create it. This book also shows you how to guide the client to their most fulfilling future - and provides a script based on scientific research that has been proven to increase how lucky we feel. Volume II: The Question is the Answer is aimed at therapists and counselors who want to improve their ability to ethically influence, develop amazing hypnotic language skills, and have a therapeutic framework that provides the maximum opportunity for creativity, without sacrificing clarity of purpose.

Paperback 228 Pages | ISBN: 978-0954366414 | Bk#6414 | $24.95 (p)

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0954366417
Published: June, 2010
228 pages