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Wordweaving, Vol. I: The Science of Suggestion

Wordweaving, Vol. I: The Science of Suggestion


By Trevor Silvester

Wordweaving presents a radical new approach to the use of hypnotic suggestion. For years Hypnotherapists have used scripts which are aimed at a particular problem, like smoking or weight loss, rather than focusing on the client who smokes or has weight issues. A specific smoking script may stop one person from ever lighting another cigarette, but may have no effect on another person. Therapy is about transforming the nature of a client's experience into something that enhances the quality of his or her life.

The three steps of Wordweaving are:

  1. Identify what aspect of the client's experience your suggestion is aimed at changing.
  2. Choose which mental processes, usually termed 'trance phenomena', should be used to achieve that shift in perception in your client.
  3. Linguistically frame the suggestion to achieve that aim

Each person's reality is subjective as it is created in that person's mind, and the purpose of any hypnotic suggestion is to change that person's perception of that reality. Mastering this book will free you from the constraints of scripts and enable you to use your creative skill to weave suggestive words that empower your clients by changing their model of reality. It presents the science behind suggestion, and the means of using that science to create magical ways of influencing others.

Paperback 194 pages | ISBN: 978-0954366407 | Bk#6407 | $24.95 (p)

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0954366409
Published: June, 2010
194 pages