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Understanding Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns: A Comprehensive Guide


By John Burton

In this volume the author provides more depth and also elaborates on the concepts that comprise hypnotic language.

The core idea presented is that a person's level of cognitive awareness significantly determines his functioning ability in life.

In this volume, Burton shows therapists how toexpand the client's cognitive awareness,specifically,the cognitive and perceptual processes involved in meaning making. In doing so, the therapistis more able toidentify the specific awareness limitations of the client and identify the specific cognitive perceptual ingredients that make up the client's problem.

Drawing on this insight, the hypnotherapist can then construct hypnotic language patterns that go right to the client's issues, invoking positive change. Numerous case examples are presented that include client assessments and dynamics, selecting and constructing hypnotic language patterns and applying the language patterns in therapy. This book is the sequel to the very popular Hypnotic Language by the same author.

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1845900324
Published: October, 2006
240 pages