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Thinking Therapeutically: Hypnotic Skills and Strategies Explored

Thinking Therapeutically: Hypnotic Skills and Strategies Explored


By Tom Barber, Sandra Westland

Thinking Therapeutically provides a rare insight into the world of two experienced therapists as they recall their own enlightening journeys to becoming therapists. Tom Barber and Sandra Westland offer a number of verbatim accounts of their most memorable hypnotherapy sessions, along with a personal processing of each session and, more importantly, a critical analysis of each other's work.

Therapists are often presented with numerous theories, approaches and techniques that they have been told will be helpful for their clients, but without any specific guidance as to whether one theory will work for one client and one will not. This book provides an opportunity to see these ideas in action and gives some essential critique as to what did and what did not work in the sessions described. The authors offer us insight and guidance into the world of creativity which will open us up when we engage with clients within their own paradigms. Tom and Sandra bring their own personal touch to this book, never before seen with this degree of honesty and transparency.

In sharing their work they provide both new and experienced therapists with unique insights that only the seasoned practitioner can possess.

Tom Barber is a Director of the Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies and tutors in the certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses. He assists in both the curriculum development and running of courses. He has spent 16 years in full time practice as an Analytical and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Integrative Counselor.

Sandra Westland is also a Director of the Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. She has worked for many years in education as a highly qualified senior teacher in a secondary school, before starting her own private hypnotherapy practice. She has been training in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counseling for the past eight years.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845906772
Published: January, 2011
256 pages