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Therapeutic Hypnosis With Children and Adolescents

Therapeutic Hypnosis With Children and Adolescents


By William Wester (Editor), Laurence Sugarman (Editor)

In this comprehensive volume, the editors have gathered together some of the fields most outstanding contributors to examine the wide-ranging applications and promise of the use of hypnosis with children.

Part 1 presents the broad framework of hypnosis: the concepts, developmental considerations, approaches to induction, hypnotic ability, hypnosis with families and ethical considerations are all thoroughly reviewed. Parts 2 and 3 focus on key psychological and medical applications of hypnosis. The medical section describes the integration of hypnosis from acute care settings to the operating room.

Throughout the book, clinical vignettes help the reader understand the hypnotic encounter while supportive evidence, strategies and caveats provide insights. This volume will surely become one of the most invaluable sources of practical clinical knowledge that will enrich the repertoire of all child health care providers. It will be consulted again and again by readers who wish to bring hypnosis to their therapeutic encounters with children.

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1845900375
Published: January, 2007
400 pages