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Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness: Achieving Altered States, Mystical Experiences, and Spiritual Enlightenment

Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness: Achieving Altered States, Mystical Experiences, and Spiritual Enlightenment


By Ronald Havens

In this groundbreaking book, Ron Havens explores the hypnotic pathways that can lead to an alternate experiential world. This world of inner peace and happiness can be created by even a momentary immersion in the unknown potentials that lie just beneath the surface of everyone's conscious awareness. It is a world removed from the cares and concerns of contemporary life, and every perception is charmed by a sense of beautiful magic. It is a world that soothes the soul, brings contentment, and heals wounded spirits.

The commitment that the author shows to this topic is not to be mistaken for a naive acceptance of supernatural spiritualism. The alterations of consciousness dealt with throughout this book merely involve a different way of perceiving the world, not a way of tapping into some mythical external "Universal Mind" and are most certainly not a source of superhuman powers or energies. However, it has been shown that even a brief taste of such a mystical or transcendental experience seems to change people in dramatically positive ways.

The experiences generated by the hypnotic approaches described in this book can range from relatively mild or temporary states of relaxation to intense bursts of overwhelming sensation, or even to profound alterations in thought or understanding. Join in this exploration of these "altered states" of consciousness and sit back, relax and enjoy whatever happens.

About the Author: Ronald Havens is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Springfield where he has taught for the past 30 years. He also runs a part time private practice and has written and spoken extensively on the therapeutic uses of hypnosis and led numerous professional training workshops.

Ronald Havens has written a most interesting book. His delineation of the essential characteristics of "cosmic consciousness" experiences - intense light, body energies, feelings of oneness, etc - followed by practical hypnotic communications for experientially eliciting them are exceptionally helpful resources for those seriously interested in exploring enhanced states of consciousness. --Stephen Gilligan, PhD, author of Therapeutic Trances, The Legacy of Milton H. Erickson

Provides a down-to-earth guide to experiencing cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is far more than 'being OK' or living in a world that is just 'good enough'. It means living with more joy, more humor, with a feeling of greater acceptance, not only of yourself and others, but of the whole universe. And you can tell from the way that Ron writes, that he is coming from that place - one which most people have had glimpses of, and would like to experience more. --Peter Young, author of Understanding NLP

This powerful, possibly life altering book is a must have. Dr. Havens has created a unique opportunity for people to follow hypnotic routes into a state of spiritual healing. The approach presented here offers a higher level of awareness, a clearer sense of being, and a new feeling of connectedness to the world. --Theresa Eytalis LCSW, Southern Illinois School of Social Work, Integrated Assessment Program

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1904424546
Published: March, 2007