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Regression Hypnotherapy: Transcripts of Transformation, Volume 1

Regression Hypnotherapy: Transcripts of Transformation, Volume 1


By Randal Churchill

In this highly readable and responsible guide for beginning and experienced hypnotherapists and clinicians, theory is combined with actual transcripts, bringing the reader an inside look at a wide range of sessions in which the author demonstrates the remarkable potential of regression hypnotherapy. While the emphasis of Regression Hypnotherapy, Volume 1 is on overcoming the continuing effects of unresolved traumatic experiences, this book also recognizes the many valuable uses of regression for non-traumatic exploration for self-discovery, as well as bringing important focus and insights into the controversy of recovered memories.

A rich and stimulating book on the complex and ever sensitive topic of regression hypnotherapy. I recommend it highly for its lucid text, steeped in the authors many years of practice. - Kenneth Kelzer, LCSW, author of Deep Journeys

Now also Available:

Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy: Transcripts of Transformation, Volume 2

This volume completes the Regression Hypnotherapy 2-volume set. When utilizing hypnotic regression to help heal the effects of trauma reliving an experience is not necessarily a goal but can be a common development which can become part of the opportunity for powerful therapy. Click below for more information on this volume

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 0965621812
Published: August, 2002
448 pages