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Hypnosis and Suggestibility

Hypnosis and Suggestibility


By Clark L Hull

This volume, first printed in 1933 helped shape the evolution of hypnosis. Today's clinicians and researchers owe much of what they currently do to the work of Clark Hull. He was a pioneer and explorer, searching for the means to make behaviorism - and a behavioral view of hypnosis, an exact science. In 1923, Milton H. Erickson, a second year undergraduate student, was at the University of Wisconsin where Hull was lecturing about hypnosis. It was an event that would change his life and would eventually influence the direction of the entire field of hypnosis. The rigors associated with the kinds of scientific experimental methods described by Hull in this book have never been more relevant or timely. - adapted from the new introduction by Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

"For a book to refer to regarding experiential proof of hypnotic phenomena, Hypnosis and Suggestibility is a 'nonpareil' and a classic in its field - Am. Journal of Psychotherapy

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1899836934
Published: November, 2002
464 pages