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Hypnocounseling: An Electic Bridge between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers

Hypnocounseling: An Electic Bridge between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers


By Hugh Gunnison

This book attempts to blend the Utilization Approach of Milton H. Erickson with the Person-Centered Approach of Carl Rogers using brief solution-based therapy. This eclectic foundation serves to act as a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of whatever primary therapy the reader is using such as Adlerian, analytic, cognitive-behavioral, eclectic, Gestalt, Jungian, Rational-Emotive, Reality, or any of the brief therapies. It also includes many counselor-client dialogues, two hypnocounseling scripts, as well as comments from Carl Rogers concerning the theories discussed.

In this carefully crafted exploration of classic hypnotherapy. Hugh Gunnison has beautifully articulated the connection between the ideas and practices of Milton H. Erickson and Carl R. Rogers. This volume gently guides the reader to new understandings in a significant contribution to the work of the experienced counselor, social worker, psychologist or marriage and family therapist. Whatever their setting, practitioners are sure to find stimulating material. Suzanne Moore. Clinical Counselor, Vice Chair, National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Many counselors are afraid of hypnosis, mostly out of ignorance or misconceptions. Hugh Gunnison helps dispel these fears and myths and shows the respectful effective nature of hypnosis in counseling settings. - Bill O'Hanlon, co-author of Solution-Oriented Hypnosis

Hugh Gunnison, an Emeritus Professor of Counseling at St. Lawrence University in New York State, has published numerous articles, conducted workshops, and given papers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and in Europe. Currently, Hugh works with his wife, Patricia, in private practice in Canton, New York. Dr. Gunnison currently offers workshops, both nationally and internationally, in Hypnocounseling.

ISBN: 190442449X
Published: October, 2004
222 pages