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Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis: From Theory to Practice

Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis: From Theory to Practice


By Edwin Yager

This comprehensive volume is certain to become an invaluable textbook in the burgeoning field of clinical hypnosis. Dr. Yager has put together an impressive table of contents covering everything there is to know about how to translate theory into practice across the range of clinical settings. His clear and thoughtful perspective will inform those who are new to the field and expand the understanding of those who have more experience. The level of depth and detail is unparalleled, providing readers with a full education on the topic.

Divided into five parts, the book begins with a discussion of what hypnosis is (and isn't) and introduces the "concept," the "language," the "phenomena," the "tools," and "hypermnesia." In Part II, the discussion turns to clinical considerations, addressing approaches to using hypnosis, the roles it can play in psychotherapy, and some potential dangers and risks that may arise with its use. This section also includes a guest chapter by Steven F. Bierman, MD, who explains the significance of "informed consent" and the special place that it has in hypnosis. Part III looks at specific procedures, delineating the principles of trance induction, highlighting the particulars of hypnosis and sleep, and focusing on Dr. Yager's pioneering discoveries regarding subliminal therapy. Part IV is devoted to Applications of Hypnosis -- from test taking to ocular correction - providing a wide view of the power and possibility of hypnosis as one of the most efficacious treatment options available for an extraordinary range of challenges. In the final section, attention is given to a variety of relevant topics not considered elsewhere.

The book closes with an extensive glossary of terms and a concise bibliography for further investigation into various unique applications. Read from cover to cover or in small doses, Foundations of Clinical Practice is a must-have resource whether you are just beginning to consider incorporating hypnosis into your clinical work or you are anxious to extend the parameters of your effectiveness and creativity in the field.

About the Author: Edwin K. Yager, Ph.D., is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, where he is also a staff psychologist for the medical group. For over 30 years he has offered an elective course in the clinical applications of hypnosis. Dr. Yager also maintains a private practice in San Diego.

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1845901223
Published: December, 2008
392 pages