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The Fertile Body Method, A Practitioner's Manual: The applications of hypnosis and other mind-body approaches for fertility

The Fertile Body Method, A Practitioner's Manual: The applications of hypnosis and other mind-body approaches for fertility


By Sjanie Hugo

The Fertile Body Method combines hypnosis and other mind-body approaches to help identify and address the mental, emotional and physical factors which affect fertility and reduce the negative effects of infertility. This book is a manual for health practitioners and contains the six stages of the Fertile Body Method System, which can be used to study, understand and work with all the different aspects of fertility problems.

There are six stages of the Fertile Body Method. The first two stages form the essential foundations for treatment as they are designed to achieve an overall state of balance before proceeding with any other stages of treatment. The book is primarily aimed at hypnotherapists and mental health practitioners who work with, or are interested in working with hypnosis and mind-body approaches for fertility. It is also valuable for other health practitioners wanting to learn more about the mind-body relationship and how we can use the mind to enhance fertility.

This manual includes a structured therapeutic framework as well as a step-by-step guide for treatment. It is packed with tips, suggestions, tools and techniques which will provide practitioners with practical ways of working with each stage of treatment. The lively case history examples illustrate some of the ways that this therapeutic framework can be put into practice.

This book is suitable for those who are new to the field of fertility and mind-body medicine as well as the more experienced practitioner who is looking to add to their skills and knowledge. The many practical resources provided are also made available to practitioners on the complimentary CD, which contains scripts, questionnaires, self help tools, diagrams, charts and explanation leaflets for clients.

One of the most pragmatic books I have read about using hypnosis and other mind-body approaches. I can recommend it to any therapist looking for a coherent plan to maximize fertility and treat psychogenic fertility. --Thomas Connelly, D. Hyp, FBSCH, Org. Sec., BSCH

Sjanie Hugo is a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in fertility and childbirth. She works privately and is an international lecturer at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) where she has developed an advanced training course in fertility and hypnosis, which she teaches throughout the UK.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845900960
Published: November, 2009
392 pages