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Ericksonian Approaches: A Comprehensive Manual, 2nd edition

Ericksonian Approaches: A Comprehensive Manual, 2nd edition


By Rubin Battino, Thomas L. South

This outstanding manual of Ericksonian hypnotherapy has now been thoroughly revised and updated and includes two new chapters - one on Metaphor Therapy and Guided Metaphor, the other on Ernest Rossi's work on the psychobiology of gene expression, which also includes a section on the brain and hypnosis.

Dr. South has expanded the chapter on utilization with another section dealing with pain control. The chapter dealing with ethics and the law has been significantly updated as well.

Overall, this definitive training manual provides a systematic approach to thoroughly learning about the topic and set against a clinical background. It is a thoroughly practical resource that assumes no previous knowledge of the field and develops the reader's understanding.

This volume includes:

  • the history of hypnosis
  • myths and misconceptions
  • traditional vs. non-traditional inductions
  • basic and advanced inductions
  • language forms
  • utilization of ideodynamic responses
  • hypnotherapy without trance
  • basic and advanced metaphor
  • and much more.

There can be no disputing the fact that this book is an outstanding manual on the art and practice of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. It is one of the most readable books of its kind that I have come across and all those interested in hypnotherapy would feel totally comfortable with. --The Hypnotherapist

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1904424910
Published: July, 2005
600 pages