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Enchantment and intervention in Family Therapy Using Metaphors in Family Therapy

Enchantment and intervention in Family Therapy Using Metaphors in Family Therapy


By Stephen Lankton, Carol Hicks Lankton

This volume makes available a stim-ulating body of teachings taken virtually verbatim from five different workshops given by Carol and Stephen Lankton. It presents what these wide-ly known trainers and practitioners have selected as the requisite ingredients for conceptualizing and assessing families so one can effectively use an Ericksonian approach that includes interventions of hypnosis, suggestion, paradox and metaphor.

While there have been many volumes describing Milton Erickson's specific inter-ventions, few have attempted to provide a broad systemic framework to make sense of these varied techniques and to weave them together in a coherent strategy for everyday work with families. Enchantment and Intervention in Family Therapy succeeds in presenting such a framework and fills it out with specific interventions that are described in detail and then built system-atically into ever more complex combina-tions of interventions.

Enchantment and Intervention in Family Therapy is unique not just in its presentation of a systemic framework for Ericksonian approaches to treatment of the family, but also in its vivid recreation of the workshop experience with the Lanktons. The illustrations used in the volume are the actual workshop materials and projector aids, giving the reader the experience of participating in this highly stimulating and effective workshop. As a result, this volume provides a training experience that will enrich the clinical work of every practicing psychotherapist.

This title was originally published in hardcover under the ISBN 0876304285.

This book can be of benefit to every therapist from beginner to advanced who is interested in a practical, hopeful and realistic approach to family therapy. The explanation on how to construct and deliver metaphors is one of the emerging approaches that demystifies and clarifies one of the most complex areas of therapy, while also suggesting useful ways for working with families. Ambiguous function assignments is another Ericksonian technique explained in a practical and easily applicable way. - Cloé Madanes, author of Strategic Family Therapy

Steve and Carol Lankton provide a systemic framework for understanding Ericksonian interventions through the entire process of family therapy. Paradoxical prescriptions, metaphors, blocking communications, and indirect suggestions capture the family members' conscious attention, stimulate unconscious search, and lead consciousness from confusion to an understanding that comes from within. This book provides a beautiful balance between generating individuals' emotions and behavioral changes and looking at the larger ecosystem. --Maurizio Andolfi, M.D., Director, Family Therapy Institute, Rome

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845900839
Published: November, 2007