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Art of Therapeutic Communication: The Collected Works of Kay Thompson

Art of Therapeutic Communication: The Collected Works of Kay Thompson


By Saralee Kane MSW (Editor), Karen Olness MD (Editor)

Kay Thompson was renowned as a brilliant hypnotherapist, and one of the most gifted students of the renowned psychotherapist, Milton H. Erickson.

  • the therapeutic use of language,
  • the importance of motivation,
  • pain management and pain control,
  • how language affects physiology,
  • hypnosis in dentistry, including the psychological importance of the oral cavity

Her untimely death in 1998 left her legacy cut short as her planned first book was never set to type. Now, Crown House Publishing is proud to announce the publication of this comprehensive collection of Kay's collected works.

This volume contains articles and transcripts of her original lectures and workshops, many of which have not previously been available in book form. Kay Thompson's unique abilities with the language of hypnosis entranced her listeners through the world. She expanded the ways words and language and thus metaphors could be used in clinical hypnosis and therapy. She lectured widely about how language affects physiology. Her contributions underpin many of the techniques of current clinical hypnosis and are important resources for modern psychotherapy.

Also included with this volume is a 60-minute CD of some of Kay's most important lectures and teachings.

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1904424287
Published: November, 2004
550 pages