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Answer Within a Clinical Framework of Eriksonian Hypnotherapy

Answer Within a Clinical Framework of Eriksonian Hypnotherapy


By Stephen Lankton, Carol Hicks Lankton

Now in paperback, with new introductions by the authors, the new release of The Answer Within illuminates the genius of Milton H. Erickson as a psychotherapist and demonstrates how the principles that anchored his creativity can be incorporated into an effective therapeutic approach. A classic work that continues to be fresh, the book takes the reader step by step from diagnostic assessment through treatment plan, illustrating each stage with clinical examples and transcripts. The authors' voices are at once clear and engaging, and their case presentations are especially informative with actual inductions and intricate metaphors accompanied by insightful commentary on therapeutic strategies and techniques.

...expands the boundaries of conventional clinical psychology... a treasure trove of new learnings and delightful experiences. - Ernest Rossi, PhD

The book is creative, thoughtful, and useful. Perhaps because the book is uniquely their own style, Erickson might have commended the framework provided as 'Lanktonian Hypnotherapy'. -- Michele Ritterman, PhD, for the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845901215
Published: July, 2008