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Analytical Hypnotherapy, Vol. 2 Paper

Analytical Hypnotherapy, Vol .2 Paper


By Jacquelyne Morison

This sequel introduces the clinical practitioner to the practical applications of analytical hypnotherapy.

It provides a succinct and all-embracing overview of the topic, and not only removes the mystery enshrouding the practice, but also brings analytical hypnotherapy into the mainstream of clinical techniques.

In-depth case studies and client profiles cover groundbreaking research areas, including:

  • fear and anxiety disorders
  • sorrow and grief disorders
  • anger and rage disorder
  • the nature of childhood abuse

Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2 allows the practitioner to accomplish an in-depth examination of the client's psyche as well as acting as an invaluable guide, which aptly demonstrates the importance of hypnotherapy in investigative methodology and practice.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845904079
Published: April, 2010