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Analytical Hypnotherapy, Vol. 1 Principles

Analytical Hypnotherapy, Vol .1 Principles


By Jacquelyne Morison, Georges Philips

This volume examines not only the orthodox analytical approach, but also many aspects of humanistic thinking and cognitive strategies which concentrate on activating the client's unconscious mind. effectively identifies the client's innermost conflicts with the goal of resolving them and releasing the client's potential. It contains practical guidance on the application of hypnotic techniques and offers numerous examples and case studies covering such topics as: transference and counter transference, defensive strategies, dreams and symbolic imagery, and therapeutic investigation.

It provides a unique investigation into the way in which analytical hypnotherapy has influenced a range of current therapeutic philosophies, and presents the ultimate means of treating even the most stubborn of therapeutic disorders. Also available in paperback (see below).

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1899836772
Published: June, 2002
448 pages