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What is Ultra Depth® and What Can You Do with It?

by James Ramey

Note this article was written in response to a discussion on our Hypnosis with Spirit Group on Yahoo.
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Hello Cal and All,

This is going to be quite long, so hold on. It has come to my attention that there seems to be a misunderstanding about the use of Ultra Depth®. Recently, I have had several individuals email me and ask the same question. Is Ultra Depth® only good for physical healing? Well, this finally caused me to believe that maybe I am not doing my job properly in explaining just what Ultra Depth® is and does.

First of all Ultra Depth® is a process that guides an individual either quickly or slowly into the most profound depths of consciousness and awareness that can be achieved by any individual except for deep natural sleep. In modern times, this depth was first experienced by Edgar Cayce who achieved it naturally after being hypnotized due to his loss of voice since no medical treatments helped his condition. It was never explored because no one understood how Mr. Cayce was able to do what he did. Everyone did then and still do today, think he was someone special. In a way he was special because, he was able to get out of the way of his Subconscious, so his Subconscious could speak and help those in need. It was Mr. Cayce's own words that told us where and what was speaking that delivered all of those natural ways for individuals to heal. He was once asked where he felt this knowledge was coming from. His reply was that it came from his Subconscious because he had no knowledge like this. It is my belief that most who study him today, still do not understand what he was doing.

Then along came Mr. Walter A. Sichort, Sr. He was a practicing hypnotist and magician who was able to induce his assistant Mary Borgessi, in his magic show demonstrations for terminally ill children, not only into the Esdaile State (for all you laymen out there, hypnotic coma) but also into the Catatonic State. He would have her dress like an angel and he would place her feet onto his knees and hold her waist as she faced the audience and pivot in a circle. This gave the appearance as if she was flying. She appeared in this state, with her arms outstretched and perfectly still, as an angel in flight.

One day while working with her in state, he said to her, "Go deeper than you have ever gone before" and all of a sudden she went completely limp and instantly produced rapid-eye-movement (REM). He did not understand what was going on. He then tried to have her exit from this state but it was not working with a short count up. So after about twenty minutes, he used a longer count up and she emerged. He found that she had no recall of this ever happening. Puzzled about this state that she entered, Mr. Sichort set out to find a way to reproduce it again within her. It took quite some time before it worked again and this time he found out what words he could use to get her there and how to anchor this depth with one single word for reentry.

However, she was young and in love. So she ran off to Florida and married her sweetheart without any notice. This left Walter Sichort without someone to continue his research with. So, he decided to see if he could get his colleague, Sara Zane, into this state. She was already conditioned for somnambulism and the Esdaile State. She was also setup with a signal word that, if she allowed, would instantly send her there. Well, to make a long story short, she did achieve this state and Mr. Sichort set her up with a signal word that they both became famous for. This word was, "Elephant." When Walter would say that word to Sara, she would instantly and spontaneously drop right into this state and produce complete muscle flaccidity and rapid-eye-movement.

Then Mr. Sichort and Mrs. Zane decided to research what this depth could provide in the way of benefits. Mr. Sichort called this depth, Ultra Depth®. He found that it helped to promote and expedite the healing of any abnormal condition that an individual may be suffering from. He discovered that when it came to physical healing, the time of healing was increased from 6 to 10 times the individual's normal rate of healing. This was documented by the Philadelphia doctors, Dolman and Markow. It was done through some method of enzyme counts, something that I never really understood.

I studied with Mr. Sichort for over seven years and we worked together on many occasions with individuals. Before his passing, he handed to me the responsibility of developing a system that could be reproducible for others to learn and discover what other uses this could be applied to. It wasn't until his passing that I decided to begin teaching what I had learned to-date and that was in the 90's. Yes, I got out there and taught what I thought was all of the information about this. But, I keep discovering more and more. Then Walter's family asked me to protect his name and his work. So, I renamed the state the Sichort State in his honor and decided to name the training Ultra Depth®. I taught all over the US and into Canada and the UK.

Then I came upon a wonderful individual by the name of Kimberly Miles. She really added to the formula and together we discovered so many uses for Ultra Depth®. We, together refined the training with each class we taught. We also found that what we were doing was far beyond what practitioners were doing with hypnosis. Then our students began asking if there was another name that we could call this because it was not what they learned in other hypnosis trainings they encountered. So we set off to rename what we were doing and through the past few years we were unable to come up with the answer.

I went to France this past December and taught two five-day trainings. I encountered much resistance from some of the students with the different techniques I was teaching. The second training was much better but, I still found that because of prior trainings some of the students we not happy to accept this as hypnosis. They were Ericksonian and NLPers. Then in classes in Sedona, I encountered some students that became reluctant to call Ultra Depth® hypnosis and insisted on me coming up with a new name for it. I knew in my heart that Ultra Depth® was different, not only in the process but in the results as well. So, I renamed it the Ultra Depth® Process and it fit well.

Now to-date, we have found that the Ultra Depth® Process can be used for any situation that an individual may need to achieve self-healing. Ultra Depth® is ideal for physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual situations that may be challenging an individual. It is the individual's own Subconscious who does the work necessary to facilitate the healing, not the practitioner. We have discovered far more about Ultra Depth® and the human mind and spirit since Mr. Sichort's passing, than I ever believe or imagined. The power to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resides within each of us. We in Ultra Depth® call it our Subconscious. If you purchase the DVDs, you will hear some remarkable healing that some individuals experienced, who stepped forward to make their statements, experienced through the use of Ultra Depth®.

The Ultra Depth® DVDs are dedicated to the Subconsciousness of all people everywhere and we know that is who really does the healing within each and everyone of us. So, how can this powerful force be limited to only physical healing? The practitioner just has to know how to set things up, so Subconscious can go to work make the healing necessary. We found that giving suggestions was not necessary and just getting the individual to the Sichort State was all that was needed for the person to heal. That's what the training is all about and why it takes some time to learn to become proficient. Just reading about it is not enough, you must practice it, live it and be Ultra Depth®.

All the very best to everyone,

James Ramey

© Copyright 2005 James Ramey. All rights reserved.