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Help Wanted! Hypnotists Needed To Fill Demand

Calvin D. Banyan, MA, BCH, CI

Help wanted! Many more Hypnotists will be needed to fill the demand for this emerging profession and training is available in Plano, Texas. Recent feedback from professionals about this hypnosis training goes like this...

Samadhi (Ph.D.) says,

This is an incredibly well-thought out process.

Cory (Ph.D.) says,

The skills I've learned can benefit, not only a clinical population, but are useful in everyday experience.

Hans (M.Ed.) said,

Very useful and practical application of techniques of formal hypnosis.

Kinshasha (M.A.) said,

...the most important class of my life! A My personal growth, thinking processes and outlook on life are changed.

Roseanne (R.N.) said,

I believe that the information given and techniques in this course are the most valuable tools I have ever received to use to assist people in their healing process.

Rebecca (B.A.)

This is so much more than I ever expected.

Tracy, a teacher (B.S.) reported,

I found this training to be life changing.

What all of these professionals have in common is their new understanding of hypnosis, a powerful way to help people make long lasting positive changes in their lives. (Client and student comments and letters are on file at The Hypnosis Center, Inc. office.)

As an experienced Psychotherapist, Hypnotist and Instructor, leaving conventional "talk" hypnosis behind, and focusing exclusively on hypnosis has simply been one of the best moves I have ever made professionally.  I now get right to the root of the problem (the subconscious issues) and my clients rapidly overcome the old issues that have been holding them back from being successful. And, it is much more satisfying to get results in so few sessions!

Hypnosis is astoundingly effective. Last year while teaching a NGH certification course, I was showing a training video that showed me working with a client, and an astonished Clinical Psychologist proclaimed from the back row, I can't believe what I just saw! You just accomplished in about 20 minutes what I have been trying to accomplish for seven years! After the class she asked to be taken on as a client!

Hypnosis done right, using some of the most powerful techniques, applied in a systematic approach (such as in the 5-PATH system) literally leaves other psychotherapies in the dust (i.e., cognitive, analytic, and behavioral). Talk hypnosis often take months or years, with the first two to six sessions usually accomplishing little beyond being "get acquainted" or "goal-setting" sessions. When working with a Hypnotist, for the vast majority of issues, for the majority of people, the process will be completed in about that many sessions! This kind of efficacy and efficiency is very attractive to clients, which will most likely make it the first choice among self-improvement technologies in the future.

Hypnosis is a stand-alone profession or it may be a part of other professions such as psychology, psychiatry, counseling, teaching, coaching or even the ministry. Generally, a Hypnotist works independently or along side such professionals by referral. The areas in which a Hypnotist can practice is almost unlimited. Clients at The Hypnosis Center, Inc. come to us for help for issues like habit control, addiction, weight loss, overcoming fears, anxiety and trauma, as well as improving mood, self-esteem, personal performance and family issues.  Medical issues commonly include pain management including Hypno-Birthing. This list goes on. A well trained and experienced Hypnotist can help clients either as the primary helping professional or in a complementary role to another professional working on any problem (psychological, mental, even physiological as in the case of physical illnesses with a psychosomatic component).

Unfortunately, colleges and universities are not turning out hypnotists! Established educational institutions rarely offer courses in hypnosis that lead to certification. And, those that do are generally out of date when it comes to teaching modern hypnotic techniques. For modern practical hypnosis training and certification (certification is required to practice in Minnesota) you must turn to one of the national hypnosis organizations. I recommend the oldest and largest, the NGH (certification does not require a degree but does require a minimum of 100 hours training).

When selecting an instructor, I recommend that you make sure that the instructor is certified as a Hypnotist and Instructor by such an organization. He or she should be in practice (not just instructing) and have client and student testimonials ready for you to see, as well as have professionals that you can contact to ask about the quality of training.

Hypnosis has been recognized and approved by the American Medical Association since 1958. Hypnotist are professional titles recognized by the State of Minnesota and the United States Government and are listed in The Dictionary of Occupational Titles, published by the United States Department of Labor.

Information about the author: Calvin D. Banyan, MA, CI is a professional Hypnotist and Instructor. He speaks on the topic of hypnosis and trains Hypnotherapists internationally. He is the C.E.O. and supervising Hypnotherapist at The Hypnosis Center, Inc. in Plano, TX. For more information about hypnosis, hypnosis, and training call 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390, or visit www.hypnosiscenter.com.)

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