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Take a Look the Comprehensive Handouts from the Spirit Releasement Workshop

Spirit Releasement Audio

Here are samples (meaning portions) of all of the handouts are used in the Sprit Releasement Hypnotherapy for the Professional training on CD. As you can see this is a very in depth workshop. When you get this workshop on CDs it is like actually being in the class except only better because you can listen over an over again whenever you want to review the material. After you get this set of CDs we recommend that you join our special email group on Yahoo and talk with others who are interested in the spiritual side of hypnosis. Go to https://groups.yahoo.com/group/hypnosiswithspirit and take a look around.

Handout for SRT Workshop - Part 1

It is our experience that if you do enough age regression and forgiveness sessions you will eventually run across what is called an attached entity or dark force entity (DFE). This workshop will cover who they are discovered when conducting a hypnosis session, and how remove these attachments.

What are Ignorant Spirits and Dark Force Entities?

Ignorant Spirits and Dark Force Entities are quite different from each other, but share the characteristic of being spiritual entities.  Ignorant Spirits are entities who were once a living person, who died and did not have an ascension experience. As a result it is an Earth bound spirit. This is similar to a ghost that haunts a house or other physical location. But in this case, the entity has become attached to a person.

The problem with Ignorant Spirits is that they drain the host of her energy and she will have difficulty separating her needs, wants and desires from that of the entity’s. So if the entity has an appetite for drugs, alcohol or sex, then the host may experience the feelings associated with those appetites, and think of them as being her own. The purpose of attaching to the host is simply to fulfill the appetites of the Ignorant Spirit. This is accomplished by living vicariously through the experiences of the host. Once the attachment has been made the spirit is able to experience the physical pleasures of the material world. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout.)

How are they Discovered?

As a hypnotherapist these entities can be discovered without any intent to do so. They are usually uncovered while conducting normal insight oriented techniques such as age regression and forgiveness therapy.

Ignorant Spirits are most often discovered when doing Affect Bridge Age Regression. While following the feeling associated with the problem that the client is suffering from back in time, the client will experience what appears first to be a past life. It is therefore good form that whenever a client spontaneously regresses to a past life that the therapist move the individual forward in that past life to the time when she dies. Make sure that she has an ascension experience and does not become Earth-bound. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout.)

Why and How do People get these Attachments?

People become susceptible to becoming attached by Ignorant Sprits and DFE for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  1. Being a lonely child.

  2. Being a sick child.

  3. Living with parents who have attachments.

  4. Drug and alcohol abuse.

  5. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout. At least 7 mentioned in class.)

How Do You Remove an Ignorant Spirit?

A complete source on removing Ignorant Sprits can be found in Edith Fiore’s book, The Unquiet Dead. A basic outline would look like this:

  1. Discover the attachment.

  2. Inform the attachment that is has been hurting your client.

  3. Inform the attachment that is has a better place to be.

  4. Inform the attachment that it can have a better body.

  5. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout. A minimum of 9 steps in all.)

How Do You Remove a Dark Force Entity?

I use an approach that is modified from the work done and taught by Dr. Wm. Baldwin. Here is an outline that you can use to guide your client through a releasement session with a DFE.

  1. When you find a DFE, call in the Arch Angel Michael to “surround this one in a cocoon of Light.”  Ask the DFE how it likes it. He won’t. He may claim that the Light will kill it or that it will burn him, etc. Ask the Arch Angel Michael to now send a bolt of Light through the center of the DFE. He will still be there and find that the Light did not harm him.

  2. Ask, "What is your purpose?" Its purpose should be to cause death, discord in families and trouble.

  3. Ask, "Were you supposed to be found?" They are not supposed to be found and will answer that way if it is really a DFE. Although it may attempt to sidestep the question and be uncooperative.

  4. Ask, "What happens when you are found?" Then you will get the standard answer, "I go to the pit" or "I go to the lonely dark place," or that it will be punished in some way, etc.

  5. Then inform it that it can now either go into the pit or listen to you.

  6. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout. 17 steps in all.)

Final Notes for Part 1

Anyone doing this kind of work should practice excellent spiritual hygiene. You should avoid all behaviors that can cause you to become attached. DFEs would love to interfere with the work that you are doing. So, in addition to avoiding things like alcohol intoxication, drug abuse, and so on, you should have a daily practice that “stokes” your inner Light. Practices that will do that for you include, but are not limited to, daily prayer, some types of meditation, 7th Path and Ascension.

Copyright © 2004 Calvin D. Banyan. All rights reserved.

Handout for SRT Workshop: Part Two

This handout covers the viewing of the videotaped example of me working with a client who had an attachment. The SRT work begins after conducting an Affect Bridge Age Regression. He spontaneously experienced a past life regression. After that life time, he was encouraged to experience the time between lives, and this is when it was discovered that he had a Dark Force Entity (DFE). This video segment begins with the discovery of the DFE and proceeds through the releasement process.

Things to watch for during this 55 minute segment of video (or listen for is you are listening to the CDs):

  1. The discovery of the DFE occurs when asked, during the in between time if he is alone or with someone. I was not “fishing” for a DFE, but rather, in my experience, the soul will encounter other souls in this in-between time, such as guides and angels. It was one of the few times that I have encountered a DFE in the in-between time.

  2. It was found to be malevolent, even though at first it seemed, benign or loving.

  3. Then it is felt to be threatening, and to have its own agenda.

  4. Its intent is felt as evil, and the client becomes “scared.”

  5. My client feels that he must do whatever it wants him to do, to be miserable.

  6. Permission to speak to the DFE directly.

  7. I ask it, “Was I supposed to find you?”

  8. I call out to Michael, to wrap it in a cocoon of light.

  9. I uncover the purpose was to use him and make him miserable.

  10. I also uncover the first time they came together, when the client was in a past life, preaching and prophesizing. Wants to stop him by giving him, “a tightness in his throat so that he can’t preach.”

  11. I state that his annoyance is really fear, and this brings up the fear further in his experience.

  12. I also exacerbate his feelings of misery by having him become aware of it.

  13. He states that he came to me to be released. Note that I have not used the terms, “release” or “releasement” as of yet. The DFE knows why he is here.

  14. I state that I could love the dark one, so that he can resonate with that feeling. His feeling my ability to love him resonates with the very old feeling of being loved inside of him. It will help him to find love or a light inside of himself.

  15. I have the DFE focus on the center of himself, and to continue to focus on it until he finds the point of light inside. This experience changes him from fearing the light to recognizing his connection with it, and he calms down a lot.

  16. When the DFE starts looking within himself, it starts off with a caldron, then he starts to lose it, then I ask him to focus, and he starts to calm down and senses a heart. Then he says that “it looks like a point of light.” There is often a “false vision” between their dark self and their true self, the point of light. It is there to hide the truth, so they must be encouraged to look further, if such frightening visions come up.

  17. Now he has to choose, go back to feeling trapped, or to listen to me. This is a slight variation on the usual theme. Usually when the DFE is found they believe that they have to go to the pit. Then I have the leverage of saying now you can either listen to me or go to the pit. Since that did not come up because this one came to be released, then I use the dilemma of being trapped in misery. It can either remain trapped in misery or listen to me.

  18. I call out for a Twin Flame that knew him before the fall. This is an Angel that knew him before the fall, who will help him to cross over.

  19. I ask him to choose the Light, and he is afraid that he does not know how to do that. I ask the Twin Flame to tell him what he needs to hear to help this one home.

  20. Note that after the DFE has discovered the light inside, I call him the “Lost One” or the “New Found One.” He is no longer a DFE.

  21. Note that there is some confusion from time to time within the client about who is being worked on. So I re-identify who I am talking to. I re-instruct the Twin Flame to instruct the Lost One on how to choose to go home.

  22. This confusion can be a little frustrating, but you must remain calm.

  23. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout. 46 items in total.)

As I demonstrate and discuss this process with you, remember that this session started out as a normal age regression session, Phase II of 5-PATH. It then turned into a past life regression session without any suggestion by me to go into a past life. Then I had the client move through the in-between-life stage, and that is where the DFE was discovered. There were some variations from the outline that I gave you for working with DFEs, but you need to expect that there will be some variation from time to time. Keep the general process and ultimate goal in mind and things will work out. You are never alone when you do this work :)

Keep in mind that if you are going to do this kind of work that you need to be spiritually centered yourself. You should also have a kind of spiritual recharging that you do every day, such as prayer, meditation or 7th Path.

Thanks for taking this class. It is always wonderful to have the opportunity to share this important information with those who are interested in doing this kind of work.

If you want more information about us or our programs, please visit our web site at www.HypnosisCenter.com or call us at 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390.

Copyright © 2004 Calvin D. Banyan. All rights reserved.

Age Regression Graphic Cal Banyan Writes on the White Board in Class

Age Regression Graphic

ISE – Initial Sensitizing Event

SSE – Subsequent Sensitizing Event

SPE – Symptom Producing Event

The above graphic is the same graphic that I write on the board during my talk. As I explain during the class, the hypothetical client, Sue is 40 years old when she comes into my office. She is regressed using the Affect Bridge Technique to the SSE of 20 years old, then the SPE of 15 and the ISE in this life of the 5 year old.

Then when she is regressed once more with the instruction to go to the first time you felt this feeling, she regresses back to being 40 years old in what she perceives to be a past life as Billy. When this happens it is important that you don’t assume that this “past life” is really the past life of your client. When I suggest to Billy that he go to the end of his life we find that he died in 1969, which shows that this is not a past life of Sue's, because she was born in 1965, way before Billy died. (End of sample. There is more in the actual class handout.)

Copyright © 2004 Calvin D. Banyan. All rights reserved.