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Volume 22 Part 3: The Secret Language of Feelings

Banyan Online Supervision Meeting Program Volume 22 part 3 audio


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One of the biggest surprises that the interns and our permanent hypnotists experience during our supervision meetings is how important it is to really understand The Secret Language of Feelings (SLF), and how that understanding transformed them into much more effective hypnotists. So, that's what Cal does. He applies the SLF to hypnosis in a way that goes deeper than he was able to do in class.

  • Why all feelings are good.
  • The "Feel Bad/Distract Cycle".
  • Everything about primary, secondary and tertiary feelings.
  • Special discussion regarding profession terminology.
  • Much more!

Hosted by Calvin Banyan
Approx. 80 minutes

BOLSM Volume 22 Part 3 Audio Sample