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Volume 16 Part 2: Case Study of Using Hypnosis for Tremors and Anxiety

Banyan Online Supervision Meeting Program Volume 16 part 1 CD


In the season premier of the Banyan Online Supervision Meetings, Cal opens the floor for Kristin, the supervising hypnotist at the Hypnosis Center. During the meeting, Kristin explains the steps that she took in great detail to give you an incredibly in-depth look at how 5-PATH® progresses step-by-step. The second part of this multi-part series focuses on Florence, a 63 year-old woman with neck tremors. Nothing is left out in the explanation of how Kristin has progressed with the client.

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  • Building raport with the client.
  • The pre-hypnosis interview.
  • How Florence responded to 7th-PATH®
  • Dealing with tertiary feelings.
  • Age-regression techniques.
  • Much more!

Hosted by Calvin Banyan
Approx. 73 minutes