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Volume 10: Session & Client Management Skills

Banyan Online Supervision Meeting Program Volume 10 CD


How long should your sessions be? One hour? An hour and a half or two? Cal Banyan talks to his subscribers about how to manage time with clients under a number of conditions, along with dealing with other issues regarding how to be more effective and successful with clients!

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  • Learn how much time to schedule if you are new, or experienced, working with adults or children.
  • Learn how to determine when you are really done with each phase with each client.
  • Stop being fooled by the client's perception of the cause of the problem and save yourself a lot of frustration.
  • Learn how to determine your client's problem has an Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE).
  • Stop making assumptions about the cause of the problem and get to the source.
  • How to get clients to come back when embarrassing information comes up in an age regression session.
  • More!

Hosted by Calvin Banyan
2 CDs - Approx. 116 minutes