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More Information On This 5-PATH® and 7th Path® Hypnosis Intensive Training

The focus of this intensive seven-day hypnosis course will be to take the student/practitioner to a higher level of confidence in working with the common and sometimes not so common issues that clients come to a hypnotist for help on, ranging from changing behavior (i.e., habits and addictions to working with emotional problems and chronic illness).

This intensive course will include a minimum of six hours of hands-on experience practicing hypnotic techniques. You will be supervised by the instructor and other accomplished hypnotists who are trained and experienced in using the techniques being covered.

Upon completion of this program you will be certified as a 5-PATH® and 7th Path™ Hypnotist. You will receive a beautiful 11 x 14 inch certificate suitable for framing.

Here Is What You Will Learn

Taking Your Client Through The System For Maximum Results.
Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. is a model hypnosis center/clinic. You will see how an environment can be set up to increase your client's success (ranging from first contact to the final session). You will learn about how the environment will improve your success by making your client's suggestible, and how to use waking suggestion, as you take them through a process from start to finish.

Get the Information You Need to Master Advanced Inductions and Deepening Techniques: Instant and Rapid Inductions.
Students will receive a copy of a rapid induction before the class so that he or she can already be familiar with it. This approach saves class time. The use of the induction will be further explained and practiced in class. However, the student is not required to use this induction during the class, as long as he or she is able to perform some kind of rapid induction (2 to 4 minute induction designed to take the client into a state of somnambulism). For example, any kind of Dave Elman induction that the student is already familiar with will satisfy this requirement.

Instant inductions will also be covered during the class. The student will learn at least one instant induction and also learn the mechanics of instant inductions so that he or she may construct new instant inductions on his or her own, to suit a particular kind of practice.

Professional, Progressive, Holistic (Mind-Body-Spirit) approach.
At Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. we often utilize a Mind-Body-Spirit or Holistic approach whenever it is appropriate (depending upon client issues and belief systems). Out of this approach came 7th Path™, a new and unique approach to self-hypnosis. It is unique because it:

  1. is taught to the client while in hypnosis,
  2. offers the client the ability to use his or her own spiritual belief systems as a part of the change process,
  3. focuses on first removing old subconscious programming that is impeding the client's progress before new suggestions of change are given. Student/practitioners will be encouraged to both learn the process and learn how to teach it to clients.

Virtually Universal Approach To Addictions, Emotional Issues, and More.
Because Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. always has a number of hypnotists working at the center at any time (5 at the time of this writing). It was necessary that a system be developed that was highly reliable, consistent, learnable and teachable. Since the Center was opened we have performed over 7000 individual one-on-one hypnosis sessions. Out of this experience came a process that we call 5-PATH®, or Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis.

5-PATH® is a systematic and predictable approach to hypnosis that provides the hypnotist an almost universal approach to dealing with most of the issues and problems that their clients experience (e.g., habits, compulsions, addictions, mood problems, self-esteem, fears and phobias).

  1. Direct Suggestions Phase

    The purpose of this phase is many fold, but Phase I, is designed to accomplish these main goals: bring the client to a point where he or she is reliably hypnotizable and able to consistently reach an appropriate level for hypnosis, improve his or her confidence that hypnosis will be useful, and bring about some immediate results so that the client will be motivated to continue in hypnosis.

    In order to accomplish these goals, the client is carefully prepared for the first session by educating the client regarding the hypnosis process. Suggestions to be used are authorized by the client in advance. Then an appropriate hypnotic induction is used. Depth of trance is tested using a hidden test (so the client does not experience failure if sufficient level of hypnosis has not been obtained yet). Any additional deepening is done to obtain an appropriate level of hypnosis, usually somnambulism. After the level of hypnosis has been tested, another test is given so the client will be aware of and that he or she knows he or she has become hypnotized. Then the agreed-upon suggestions are given. The client is then emerged from hypnosis and receives at least two additional tests/convincers for post hypnotic suggestibility, such as time distortion and sensitivity to a color.

  2. Age Regression Phase

    This phase of the hypnosis process utilizes one of the most powerful techniques available to the hypnotists. But many hypnotists don't feel comfortable using this extremely useful and versatile hypnotic technique because of past difficulties in attempting it. Or some fear using it because of lack of training.

    Because the client has experienced the first phase of the 5-PATH® system, Direct Suggestion, he or she is now more hypnotizable than before. The first phase has greatly increased the probability of success of the client having a revivification during age regression (an actual reliving of the experience, rather than merely an increased memory or hypermnesia).

    Typically, age regression is directed at both uncovering the initial sensitizing event which started the problem, and also, the client is able to gain insight into the issue. Appropriately accomplished, this is one of the most powerful techniques a hypnotist can use. Then additional suggestions for change are given because this will cause a reorganization of the subconscious mind, at which time they will become hyper-suggestible for suggestions that are consistent with the insight obtained during the age regression.

  3. Forgiveness of Others

    Age regression removes trauma and erroneous programming from the past. It also improves client's insight. Forgiveness Work remove connections to old behaviors. The old patterns are held together by emotional connections of guilt and anger. These emotions, act like glue holding the old patterns together. Remove the emotional connections and the patterns are easily removed.

    Forgiveness of Others Work is based upon the work of Fritz Pearls, and Hypnotists such as Gerald Kein, who teach "Chair Work." Many talk hypnotists have used his chair work. It is a difficult technique to utilize when the client is in the normal "waking" state of consciousness, and results are limited. But in hypnosis, as some enlightened Hypnotists have learned, the work can be done much more effectively. To the client, the person in the other chair is really there and the communication that goes on, that leads to forgiveness is very real. Direct suggestion is then also done to reinforce the change that the client came in for.

  4. Forgiveness of Self

    In the fourth phase, this approach is continued but the person to be forgiven is the self. During this phase the client gains insight to an appropriate level of responsibility of the issue, and forgives him or herself. This is an extremely powerful part of the process. Some of our hypnotists actually believe that the previous three phases are just there to get to this point! Of course that is not the case, but the session is so powerful that it often seems that way. Additional suggestions are then also given to reinforce the change that they came into make.

  5. Parts Mediation Work

    Most of our clients don't need to go through this phase of hypnosis. It is a special phase that was specifically designed to address secondary gain issues. All psychotherapists are familiar with this phenomena of secondary gain. In this case the cause of the issue has been addressed (removed) but on occasion the problem may continue. Secondary gain issues are caused by environmental conditions that continue to reinforce and thus produce the problem or behavior.

    For example, a drug user may go back to using drugs because of the desire to once again be accepted by the group of drug users that he or she was previously associated with. Another common issue sustained by secondary gain, is that of chronic pain. Even after the pain has been controlled through the use of hypnosis (or medications), the pain may reoccur if the client lost something else substantial when the pain was controlled; for example disability payments, family sympathy, and being excused from undesirable work or chores.

    Parts Mediation Work was developed from mediation techniques used by individuals that settle disputes between individuals. Similar techniques are used intra-psychically to help the client reach a win-win situation that relieves the client from the complaint, and moves him or her toward a healthier way of fulfilling needs, wants and desires

Structured Approach Builds Confidence and Referrals by Other Professionals.

This structured approach brings about reliable results that is likely to bring you recognition by other professionals. We, at Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. commonly receive referrals from physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, as well as other mental health and medical professionals. We have even succeeded when our clients have been treated at the Mayo Clinic, without success. Truly, you can become recognized as being among the best in your field, and receive referrals from other hypnotists in your area.

Plenty Of Hands-On Practice With A Small Group of Students.

Starting from the first day, you will begin to practice and build techniques and your understanding of them. During the practice you will be tutored, coached and guided. The course is designed to provide the student/practitioner with at least 6 hours of hands-on supervised practice during the 5-day course.

Tour A Full Time, Full Service Hypnosis Center - Learn It’s Secrets of Success

You will see Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. and Mr. Banyan will reveal why and how the Center is set up to provide the best results for your client. Hypnotists in the know, understand the session truly begins with the first contact you or your organization has with the client.

Very important aspects of how to best begin your interaction with the client will be discussed. Care is given to these first impressions because they do have an effect on the results of hypnosis. We will talk about everything from answering the telephone, to hypnotist's attire, office settings, advertisements, referrals and much more.

During a recent visit by a representative of the National Guild of Hypnotist (a former editor of the Journal of Hypnotism) he said that Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. was the best he had ever seen!

About the instructor

This course is instructed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, (NGH Certified Instructor and Board Certified Hypnotist). Mr. Banyan is an international trainer and Supervising Hypnotist at Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. in Plano, Texas.

Mr. Banyan has appeared on both television and radio demonstrating and speaking on the topic of hypnosis. He is the developer of the 5-PATH® system of hypnosis, a powerful systematic approach to hypnosis that integrates some of the most powerful tools available to the hypnotist. He also is the developer of the 7th Path™ system of self-hypnosis, which is unique because it allows the client to utilize his or her most powerful spiritual beliefs to improve success. (Great for hypnotists too, for self-improvement!)

Learn these tools and begin to get amazing results. You can be the hypnotist that other professionals refer to, including other hypnotists!